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Northern Lights and Finnish Winters

Emotion, Mystery, Amazement and above all fun

The Northern Lights awaken a lot in you. Initially there was curiosity and wonder based on what you have read, seen and heard before. Now that you are here, you are in the phase of anticipation and hope for the right moment. Then you study and delve into tips and advice; To maximize your chances. That is also why you came to us. We will help you maximize your chances of seeing and experiencing this beautiful phenomenon.
We will help you experience the magic.
What you will take with you is a stimulation of your senses and a smile that will never go away.

For singles, couples, families and/or as a group trip:

Self-drive from home, Fly-drive with rental car, Train trip, Air trip or as a group trip with Holmstock.
We put together your trip completely according to your wishes.
You can choose to stay in a beautiful luxury Resort or you can choose to stay more privately in a traditional Log Cabin . We also offer you the option to use the special Aurora Cabins.

  • Een Noorderlicht reis Finland boeken online bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel - Beleef de Aurora Borealis in het hoge koude noorden van Finland

    Northern lights over an arctic forest

  • Northern lights hunting Fins Lappland als auto excursie boek je rechtstreeks bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel

    Northern Lights 'hunting' / car excursion

  • Boek je Aurora experience reis Fins Lappland en ga op excursie met reisbureau Holmstock Travel - Boek nu!

    Clear starry skies and the Aurora

  • Noorderlicht reis Finland Lappland Hoge Noorden incl. Loghouse Cabin huur boeken bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel online - pak jedeal

    The Northern Lights & your Loghouse Cabin

  • Aurora hunting - Het jagen op het noorderlicht auto excursie met warme thee en warme snack

    .. searching, waiting, hunting & a warm snack

  • Noorderlicht vinden en zien, beleven en fotograferen. Je bucket list item komt wel heel erg dicht bij . Boek nu je noorderlicht experience reis bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel online

    Photo with phone - we know the spots :)

The Northern Lights trips from Holmstock Travel:

You can book the trips below exactly as described or we can adjust them in consultation as you would like so that it becomes exactly YOUR TRIP.

In a Log Cabin you have more privacy & tranquility than if you choose a Resort.
This means that you are also a little more on your own and you can or must do many things yourself. Collect or chop wood for your fireplace, preheat the sauna, prepare your breakfast, light the candles and drive a bit to do various things. You can also cook yourself or choose to 'eat out' somewhere. Lots of freedom and lots of winter romance.
See our Log Cabin trip:
7+1 days Log-Cabin Finnish Lapland

Winter sports and winter activities coincide with the Northern Lights season. The resorts in the far north are of excellent quality. Here you have everything close to hand and you will be welcomed by a very experienced, professional team. Rooms, facilities, meals, restaurants, bars and excursions.
See our Winter Resort Trips:
7 Days Resort-Rovaniemi

Are you interested in a group trip? Then register as an individual, as a couple or as a group.
In consultation we will look at what options we can offer you.

Purpose of this trip : You book this trip to see the Northern Lights. That is what we initially focus on. You decide how much time you will bring with you. how long your trip will take. Of course we will also offer you various excursions, such as: Snowmobile, Reindeer, Santa, Saami Culture and Sauna. We do this in consultation when putting together and booking the trip.

Holmstock Travel: Travel with pleasure and come home with a smile!

Rovanieme, Saariselkä, Inari - Het echte hoge finse noorden op pad naar je traditionele log cabin en op jacht naar het noorderlicht. Reizen met Holmstock Travel.


Are you going for pure Finnish Lappland and may you prefer less Western luxury in exchange for a real Arctic experience? More than 300KM above the Arctic Circle and in almost complete solitude you hear the beating of your own heart, the rushing of your blood, the crunching of the icy snow and the whooshing of the wind.

Price indication : From €0000 p. person. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .

You heat your Cabin cozy with wood and wait for the evening.
If you can see the stars showing off in the sky, then it is also time for the Northern Lights.
What a spectacle when the Aurora Borealis starts dancing above your head.

A phenomenon that we were able to witness exactly at that location.
Take your chance, in our opinion
one of the best places in the world to experience this.

Rovaniemi Finland Lappland Vaattunki Wilderness Resort - Boek uw noorderlicht winter reis experience om de Aurora Borealis zelf te zien bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel


The Vaattunki Wilderness Resort is less than 24 km from Rovaniemi , beautifully situated in the countryside. Here we offer you a choice of Chalets, Panoramic huts or guest rooms. An outdoor hot tub and an excellent restaurant. The Chalets each have their own sauna, and the Resort also has a communal sauna.

Price indication : From €0000 p. person. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .

Here you will find all the comfort and luxury, you have an excellent chance of seeing the Northern Lights & you have access to the maximum number of excursions that you can optionally book.
ECO-PRIMEUR : The world's first chance to whiz through the landscape on an electric snowmobile .

De beste kans om het noorderlicht zelf te zien in Lappland Finland, het hoge noorden. Met reisburea Holmstock Travel maak je goede kans op het noorderlicht.

Increase your chances

You certainly have a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights in the far north where the log cabin is located, but you do not want to give up the many excursion options and possibly a visit to Santa in Rovaniemi . For example, combine the two locations and stay in the far north for a few days and nights.
This way you get the most out of your stay in Finnish Lappland.

Electric Snowmobile

Northern Lights Snowmobile safari on an electrically powered snowmobile. The eSLED takes you into nature from 9:00 PM in the evening. With a bit of luck, you'll be zooming across the snow on your eSLED under the light of the Aurora Borealis. Along the way we stop at a small hut and enjoy a warm fire and a snack of Finnish BBQ .

Excursions are not always included, read per travel information and always per quote what exactly is and/or is not included in the trip you are going to book. The following is purely an overview of the available excursions and what is on site. The range of excursions available per location varies in type and implementation. We will inform you about this in detail in our quotation. If you have any special wishes, please let us know. we are happy to think along with you. The excursion prices below are always based on a minimum of 2 participants, price per person. Subject to change, seasonal changes reserved.

Excursion options overview

Aurora eSLED SAFARI / 3 hours / € 194,-

An eSLED is an electrically powered Snowmobile .

Together with your guide you will leave at 9:00 PM with your eSLED without any engine noise. You drive through the evening landscape and climb to the top of a hill to look at the beautiful starry sky together. With a bit of luck you will see the Aurora Borealis . Break at a hut along the way including grilling sausages with bread, pastries and hot drinks.

Aurora Photo Tour with guide / 4 hours / € 93,-

You will ride in the guide's van on the hunt for the Northern Lights . He knows some excellent places that offer you the best opportunities. He will also advise you about the settings when taking photos & he also takes photos with nice light effects of the participants. Fantastic of course if you see the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights.

Aurora Borealis Picnic / 3 hours / € 71,-

The guide will take you in his van on the way to a place known to him where the Northern Lights will be easy to admire - when they appear. You enjoy a lap picnic and together you look out for the Aurora Borealis.

Aurora Ice Floating / 3 hours / € 98,-

Floating between the ice and water of a broken lake, you float in a so-called Rescuesuit and float quietly, looking at the starry sky and hopefully also at the Northern Lights . A truly arctic experience .

Aurora Reindeer sleigh ride / 2.5 hours / € 142,-

From a reindeer farm , the guide will take you on a ride through the snow-covered forests on a reindeer sled . You are wonderfully wrapped up in the sleigh and with a bit of luck the Aurora Borealis will color your starry sky in fantastic green colors and shades. We end with a hot drink and a sandwich by the campfire .

Aurora Snowmobile evening / 3 hours / € 124,-

On the hunt for the Northern Lights with your Snowmoblie you drive through the dark Finnish winter forests. The guide will stop at a suitable place, make a campfire and prepare a lapse snack with sausage. He will also tell you stories and tips about the Northern Lights. With a bit of luck you will see the Aurora Borealis appear and dance above your head.

Daytime activities - Cross-country skiing / 2.5 hours / € 89,-

Cross-country skiing in Finnish Lappland is of course slightly more adventurous than cross-country skiing in the Belgian Ardennes. The guide takes you to a beautiful piece of nature and along the way on your skis it is especially fun to pay attention to the many prints and tracks that the animals leave behind. Halfway through, the guide will take a break and treat you to hot chocolate and marshmallows . A wonderful nature experience.

Daytime activities - Ice fishing / 2.5 hours / € 94,-

Are you going ice fishing !?
A professional ice fishing guide will take you to a frozen lake. You will learn how to use ice fishing tools and you will experience the exceptional peace and quiet in the winter forests of Finland . Including a hot drink along the way.

Daytime activities - Reindeer safari / 3 hours / € 147,-

You are on the road for 3 hours. The transfer to and from the reindeer farm is included. You are well wrapped up on the reindeer sleigh for 1 hour and can enjoy the winter environment. There is also plenty of room for photography . You photograph nature, winter, the reindeer and of course you also take some reindeer selfies . At a campfire the reindeer herder will talk about life with the reindeer and you will enjoy coffee with cinnamon rolls.

Daytime activities - Santa Complete / 6.5 hours / € 204,-

The most complete Arctic Santa Claus & Santa Village day . We drive snowmobiles to Santa Village. There is a lot to see and experience there. Christmas all year round. Visit the official Santa Post Office . Take a short reindeer sleigh ride & participate in an Arctic Circle Crossing incl. Certificate .

Daytime activities - Husky Safari / 2 hours / €102,-

Together with a husky team you will go on a sled between 12 and 17KM. An exciting day with sled dogs that you experience together with two people on a sled. Halfway there is the chance to change drivers. After the ride we visit the husky farm . There you will enjoy a hot drink and a sweet snack.

  • Rendier logo op een zakje Cloudberry Candy in Lappland gekocht tijdens de Noorderlicht Reis Fins Lappland met reisbureau Holmstock Travel - Boek nu voor winter 2023 2024

    Cloudberry Candy from Lappland

    We love tasty things :)
    And Finns love sweets. So you are lucky if you have a sweet tooth because in Finland there is a very wide range of sweets, licorice and other cheerful sweets. Tasty for on the go and delicious as a snack on an excursion.

  • Noorderlicht foto excursie Aurora Borealis in winters Finland. Boek je Noorderlichtreis bij Holmstock Travel reisbureau VZR garant

    Go hunting for the Northern Lights

    Photograph the Northern Lights with your guide's tips. The intensity and shape of an Aurora Borealis appearance is of course always different and surprising. That always makes it exciting. Please keep in mind that it can sometimes go very quickly and only last a short time.

  • Husky experience safari tocht boeken bij Noorderlicht reis Fins Lappland met Holmstock Travel reisbureau - Boek nu voor 2023 of 2024

    Our Holmstock Husky 'Moscow'

    Extreme cold doesn't matter to a Siberian husky. On the contrary, they become all the more active in colder temperatures and literally feel completely in their element in the snow. An unprecedented energy and power is released and they only want one thing: to 'loosen up' to the limit.

  • Reisbureau voor Scandinavie, Lappland, Zweden, Finland, Aland, en de Baltische Staten - Boek nu uw reis bij ons team.

    Holmstock Travel .. on the road for you

    The trips we offer require thorough research and on-site experience so that we can say with certainty that our offer is of good quality and that we know the region personally. Who knows, we might even see each other on location in...

  • Relax vakantie Finland Winter 2023 en 2024. Ga mee op Noorderlicht reis en boek diverse excursies, bijvoorbeeld sneeuwschoen wandelen in het arctische bos. Reisbureau specialist voor Fins Lappland: Holmstock Travel

    Wonderful on snowshoes...

    find peace in an arctic forest? That is one of the many options that our excursions offer you. The silence, peace and the experience of the often soft sounds that you can experience in the lapse forest at very minus degrees are special. A lasting impression!

  • Light the fire at -25ºC.

    Your inner being will be very happy with a hot drink or soup in Arctic Lapland. Make the fire together with your guide and gain some knowledge from the experiences he likes to share. A few blocks of wood, a small kettle, .. a big difference!


There are no special wishes ! Because every wish is very normal.
Ask us what your heart desires and we will consult with you and get to work for you. Let us know!