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It wanted Finland

The beauty and power of the wilderness

The Northern Lights, snow holidays and lap culture may be the first things you think of when Finland is mentioned. Finland, the land of 180 thousand lakes. A very rugged country with plenty of living space for wild animals such as fox, wolf, wolverine, lynx and brown bear .

For singles, couples, families and/or as a group trip:

Self-drive from home, Fly-drive with rental car, train trip, plane trip or as a group trip with Holmstock.
We put together your trip completely according to your wishes. You can choose to stay in a beautiful luxury hotel or you can choose to stay more privately in a traditional Log Cabin .

  • Finland heeft duizenden meren met overal prachtige standjes, baaitjes en plekjes. Ruimte voor je boot, kano, kajak of sub board. Heerlijk hengelen naar vis of gewoon een fraaie plek aan je bbq.

    Finnish lakes with special places

  • Outdoor hiking in de finse bossen, heerlijk pauze maken en een slokje nemen uit je kuksa. Dat is genieten in Finland.

    Finnish kuuksa - cozy coziness

  • De oerbossen in Finland zijn veel sparrenbos en dennebos. Leefgebied voor een veelvoud wilde dieren zoals de bruine beer, de wolf, de vos, de lynx en heel veel vogelsoorten.

    Infinite forests - pure nature

  • De tijd van de schemering is altijd prachtig maar tegelijkertijd ook vaak het moment voor dieren om uit de beschermende bossen te voorschijn te komen. Let goed op want op dat moment van de dag steken ze graag over om naar een open stukje weiland te lopen om aldaar te grazen.

    Magical moments of twilight

  • Linda en Moscow, aan de kustlijn van een van de finse meren in hartje Finland. Genieten van de zonsondergang.

    Enjoy together ..

  • Veel wegen in Finland zijn onverhard. Een combinatie van grind, zand en of modder. Fikse gaten horen daarbij. Let vooral goed op als het nat is.

    Unpaved roads, very normal

Finland, all seasons, ask our advice

You can book the trips below exactly as described or we can adjust them in consultation with you as you would like, so that it becomes exactly YOUR TRIP.

The heart of Finland - Kuopio and Tampere :
Meet Finland and explore the country. From very modern to nice and classic. We will take you on a beautiful, compact tour that offers a lot of fun. See our tour through the heart of Finland:
13 days Helsinki, Kuopio and Tampere

Finnish lakes, seals and chanterelles
The blue gold of Finland, the Finnish lakes with all its facets that make life pleasant. Relax and enjoy. Join us on a seal safari & enjoy the culinary gold that is up for grabs. Come with us to the Saimaa lake area in southern Finland, to Savonlinna, to Punkaharju and to Porvoo.
13 days Southern Finland

The boreal primeval forest & the Ursus arctos arctos
Natural parks and primeval forests that are simply not disturbed by human activities are also accessible to us, in accordance with written and unwritten rules. You immerse yourself in a special environment, in the silence of nothingness that is broken by the sigh of the wind, by the cluck of a bird or the roar of a bear. Come along to Kainuun and Hossa.
13 days tour of northern Finland

All our trips have a purpose : Offering a program that allows you to drive around a country in x number of days. That is not the challenge we set ourselves. We want to give you a purpose with every trip we propose. In addition to the physical destination, we also refer to content, experience and perception.

Holmstock Travel: Travel with pleasure and come home with a smile!

Zeehondensafari per boot over het Saimaa meer. Het finse meer Saimaa is voor deze zeehondensoort een unieke habitat.

Seal safari - Southern Finland

You arrive in Southern Finland without having to drive many kilometers yourself. The road to the Finnish lakes is not far. We have a wonderful trip with a wonderful program.

Price indication : From € 2300 p. person. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .
Visiting the Finnish Lakes .. read more

The Lake Saimaa region is home to one of the most photographed routes in all of Finland.
Formed in the Ice Age and covered in beautiful greenery, this area is picturesquely beautiful .

Finse Loghouse vakantiewoning aan het meer met uitzicht over de omgeving. Reis mee met reisbureau Holmstock Travel en boek je zomervakantie en autorondreis.

Finnish style loghouse and sauna

Rock-solid, cozy, cozy and wonderfully warm. These are the characteristics of a Finnish loghouse. Body and mind wellness in the various types of saunas, hot tubs and then a bath in the cool lake. Enjoy in Finnish style.

Price indication : From € 2200 p. person. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .
Will you also come and enjoy? .. read more

An Adventure in the Wilderness . Not to act tough, but rather to calm down. The nature is tough, the animals that survive here in the wild and the indigenous population.

Wildlife safari naar de bruine beer in Kainuun Hossa Finland. Langs de russische grens in de stille boreale bossen.

An experience richer

The forests are so vast and the nature parks so immense, meeting animals in nature that are shy due to their instincts and avoid humans is virtually unique. Our guides ensure that you can have that experience.

On a bear safari in Finland
  • Finse meren tijdens de zonsondergang fotograferen is bijzonder leuk. De eindresultaten zijn fantastisch.

    Picturesquely beautiful colors

    Anyone who knows Scandinavia a little knows that in the far north you can often observe very beautiful colors in the sky. It's not always the Northern Lights that steal the show. The fiery sunsets over the lakes and landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Finland en Nederland zijn in hun gebruik van koffie gelijk aan elkaar. Het aantal liters koffie dat nederlanders drinken is ongeveer gelijk aan het aantal liters koffie dat finnen drinken.

    We try everything together

    Our husky is always with us on our trips to Finland. Except for coffee and spirits, we always try everything together. Our 'Moscow' has an excellent nose. Not only for the Finnish Munkki pastry, an oliebol-like pastry with very fine sugar that tastes great with coffee.

  • Bruine beren als motief van houtsnijwerk in klein en groot formaat. Dat zie je het meest in Finland.

    Wood carvings in all sizes

    Sometimes you hear a chainsaw whirring somewhere and you think they're building another nice loghouse. Here in Finland it could also be that someone is sculpting in his garden with a chainsaw and making beautiful, large sculptures from wood. Like this brown bear.

  • De finse taiga. Deze natuurlijke regio ligt tussen het arctische gebied en het boreale bos. Een overgang alwaar je de boompjes alsmaar kleiner ziet worden.

    The magically beautiful Taiga

    Nature management organizations ensure accessibility. This is also the case here in the Finnish Taiga. Just south of the Arctic, the Taiga is a zone of rocks, swamps and ever smaller growing trees. Appealing to the imagination!

  • Team Holmstock in Finland op de foto. Heerlijk in de finse bossen wandelen.

    With our ears back :)

    All three of us are wonderfully relaxed here in the Finnish forest. But if we press him firmly against us, he doesn't understand it and immediately puts his ears back. He must have thought 'what the heck'... I'm here to sniff around.

  • De stilte horen in de wijdse natuurgebieden

    Come hear the silence

    We live in a world with a continuous noise level. Actually, you always hear 'something', no matter how quiet it is and even if you are completely used to it. In the vast nature of Finland, the silence of nothingness can be a very special, often unique, experience.


There are no special wishes ! Because every wish is very normal.
Ask us what your heart desires and we will consult with you and get to work for you. Let us know!