• De blauwe ogen van een husky. De siberische husky heeft staalblauwe ogen maar een super lief en streelbaar karakter. Kom ook jij huskies knuffelen in Fins Lapland.
  • Een team siberische huskies gezien vanaf de hondenslede tijdens een toertocht in winters arctisch Lapland, Finland.
  • Arctische winter tijdens een husky toertocht experience in Fins Lapland, met reisbureau Holmstock Travel. Boek nu je winter vakantie.
  • Siberische Husky in arctisch winters Lapland. Husky experience, Husky knuffelen, husky spann toertochten experience als bucket list item. Reisbureau Holmstock Travel.
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8 days Finnish Lapland winter experience,
Husky Safari & Reindeer

Book exactly like this - or do you have other wishes? Let us know.
Can also be booked as a self-drive or as a group trip.

A great husky dog ​​sled ride!

A husky safari of no less than two days in wintry Finnish Lapland, that is the highlight of this trip. We take you to Ruka, a super fun winter sports area in Finnish Lapland. Thanks to the versatile winter sports activities offered in this area, there is always something fun to do. During the day and in the evening. Wonderfully cozy and busy if you look for it, breathtakingly beautiful and quiet if you choose.

Flight + rental car with stay in a hotel. With focus on the Siberian Husky.

In this travel proposal we assume overnight stays in a hotel, including breakfast. There were plenty of restaurants in the area to make it easy for you when it comes to the inner person and conviviality.
This trip is a fly-drive, based on two people. Thanks to the car you are nice and flexible.

Alternatively , we can also offer this trip with an overnight stay in a Finnish log cabin , a slightly quieter location, more outside the village and we also offer this trip as a group trip (ask about the options).

  • Reisbureau Holmstock travel is specialist voor husky safari's - huskytochten en huskysleetochten

    Linda with husky team of 5 huskies

  • Huskysafari toertocht, meerdaagse rit, diep de arctische bossen in met verblijf in een finse log cabin met sauna

    Delve deep into nature on a multi-day ride

  • The dog sled. Do a lot yourself, learn a lot.

The structure & approach of this trip

We will not immediately throw you into the deep end upon arrival. We will first take you on a shorter husky experience. Here you will have your first contact with the sled dogs and you will have a pleasant experience of what it is like to go out with a dog sled for the first time. Only when you have gotten used to the Arctic conditions do we start 'the real work' and go deep into the woods with your own team. Everything under the guidance of an experienced guide. Fun, exciting, spicy and in a truly different world.

1st day Amsterdam - Helsinki - Kuusamo - Ruka
With a transfer in Helsinki you fly from Amsterdam to Kuusamo, Finnish Lapland. Here you will receive your rental car and drive the last part yourself, to Ruka. There is a good chance that it will already be dark when you drive this part. Nice and exciting and especially keep an eye out for the reindeer that just cross the road.

Arrive at your Hotel
We use a centrally located hotel. Your room has its own sauna and you have a delicious breakfast every morning. Is not it nice.

The Northern Lights are everywhere - The bonus of this trip
Who knows, you might be 'received' by the northern lights when you get out on the first evening. We have been that lucky before. A very special extra when that happens. Take a good look around! Because you have a rental car, you also have the opportunity to undertake a Northern Lights safari on your own. You simply drive away from the village, away from all the artificial lights, looking for a higher or more secluded spot. Bring something tasty and possibly... a thermos with some tea.

Experience the husky safari with all your senses
You will never-ever-forget the two-day trip with your own husky team. We can give you that guarantee right now. This tour is absolutely unique and offers you the best opportunity to enjoy a husky tour to the fullest.

Holmstock Travel: Travel with pleasure and come home with a smile!

Cozy Ruka - winter sports hotel Arctic

Stay in a spacious hotel room with private sauna and bathroom with shower. TV and free wifi.

Price: Hotel including breakfast and including the mentioned excursions.

** Price indication : From € 2,940 per person based on a booking for two people. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .
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The Arctic Zone Hotel is located in the heart of Ruka. A friendly winter sports town. The hotel is only 150m. from the ski lift, in the photo you can see the ski mountain behind the hotel. The hotel is equipped with every comfort and the breakfast is known to be very good. Parking your rental car at the hotel is free.

TIP : If necessary, also use the facilities that the ski area offers (not included).

This location is in a great place to see the Northern Lights . See for yourself the dancing Aurora Borealis. Especially if you leave the town with your rental car, you have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights when the sky is clear.

huskysafari fins lapland boven de poolcircel in de stilte van het arctische bos. Boek je winter avontuur bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel

Adventure in the Arctic Wilderness

Two full days on the road with your own team of Siberian huskies. Experience how overwhelming the pure nature in the Arctic really is. Thanks to the power of the husky, you glide through the landscape on the sled. Slowly but surely you will notice that your mindset will change. The adventure affects you.

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Your introduction to the husky is mainly focused on exactly that: Getting to know each other. With the cheerful, playful and strong husky, with the principle of standing on the dog sled, operating the brakes, giving commands and having fun on a dog sled ride. This is different on the two-day experience. That's where you really get to work. You help with all activities such as feeding, exercising, preparing and, above all, you take care of the huskies. Also on the road during breaks and after arrival. You will go out with a very experienced Musher who knows all the tricks of mushing. In this profession nothing is self-evident, everything is based on mutual respect between the husky and the musher. Only perfect teamwork guarantees a safe and good journey through such a ' hostile environment ' as the Arctic forests in winter. The guide, the experienced huskies, the group & your own efforts guarantee your safety during those two days.

Husky safari honden voeren tijdens huskytocht door de arctsiche winterse bossen in fins lapland. Boek nu uw winter in lapland reis bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel

Husky Safari - mushing

On this husky tour you are the musher and part of your own team. This means that you are also responsible for your dogs. You can of course always cuddle them, but you should especially pay attention to their health . Before the ride, during the ride and especially after the ride, it is always and without exception: The dogs come first.

Rendieren tijdens een rendiersledetocht in Fins Lapland, Ruka. Boek nu uw winter in Fins Lapland bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel en zie het noorderlicht.

Reindeer sleigh ride

Reindeer have traditionally been the animals that pull the sled in the winter. Reindeer are the best choice, especially when the snow is really high. You will go on a tour through the ancient forests. Afterwards there will be time to cuddle the reindeer and take photos. We end the tour with a BBQ and eat sausages and snacks in the hut.

Thanks to the rental car you are particularly flexible. This is one of the big differences compared to an 'organized package trip to a Resort'. Go to Kuusamo at your own pace for a day of shopping, shopping or a visit to Santa Claus in Pohjolan Kievari . In the evenings you can use the car to find a quiet spot 'hunting' for the Northern Lights.

Noorderlicht tijdens je hondensledetocht huskysafari in Fins Lapland door de arctische bossen

Husky & Northern Lights

With our own Siberian husky 'Moscow' in Finnish Lapland under a beautiful starry sky and with beautiful northern lights. The appearances of the Northern Lights are often short and sometimes intense. Such moments are etched in your memory. The luck that you can take such a photo with your mobile phone is wonderful.

Towards Russian border

Together with the guide we prepare the sleds and the huskies and discuss the route. You will have your own team of 4 to 6 dogs, depending on your own weight. The dogs start very energetically and find their tour rhythm after a while. Over frozen lakes and deep snow-covered forests we head towards the Russian border.

Log house overnight stay tijdens de huskysafari hondensledetocht in Fins Lapland. Boek je winter avontuur bij Holmstock Travel reisbureau

Wilderness Lodge

During your two-day husky safari you will spend the night in this rustic wilderness lodge, very close to the Russian border. Along the way you may have already seen the 'old man's beard' hanging on the trees, a lichen that hangs in the shape of a beard from the branches of the trees. This only occurs in regions with particularly clean air. Waking up here and taking a step outside is, as the English say, 'priceless'

Excursions are not always included, read per travel information and always per quote what exactly is and/or is not included in the trip you are going to book. The following is purely an overview of the available excursions and what is on site. The range of excursions available per location varies in type and implementation. We will inform you about this in detail in our quotation. If you have any special wishes, please let us know. we are happy to think along with you. The excursion prices below are always based on a minimum of 2 participants, price per person. The rates below refer to the location in this example and may differ in other locations. Subject to change, seasonal changes reserved.

Day program Husky Safari experience Finnish Lapland

Day 1 - Flight Amsterdam - Helsinki - Kuusamo

You fly from Amsterdam to Helsinki at 9:45 am, where you arrive around 1:10 pm. You will then board the flight from Helsinki at 3:50 PM to Kuusamo, where you will arrive at 5:30 PM. In Kuusamo you receive the rental car and drive on your own via the E63 to Ruka (30KM.). Here you will be welcomed at Hotel Arctic Zone.

Day 2 - Ruka - Husky introduction, tour 10KM.

After a delicious breakfast at the Arctic Zone hotel, explore the town of Ruka.
Then you drive with your rental car to Lammintupa (9.5 KM.) to take a husky tour of 10 KM. A pleasant way to get acquainted with driving a dog sled. Afterwards there will be time to cuddle and take photos.
Then the guide takes you to a Lappish hut for lunch with homemade sandwiches and pastries and there is room to grill sausages on the campfire.

Day 3 - Ruka - Reindeer sleigh ride, 2 hours

After a delicious breakfast at the Arctic Zone hotel, you drive your rental car to Lammintupa (9.5 KM.). Today you will meet the reindeer there and go on a reindeer sled through the forests for a short trip. Then there is plenty of time to take photos and reindeer selfies . The guide will tell you about their life with the reindeer. Then you are invited for lunch with homemade snacks and grilled sausages.
These first two days will help you get used to the climate and conditions. After this you are ready to embark on an adventure with the Huskies in the Arctic nature.

Day 4 - Husky Safari Day-1

After a delicious breakfast at the Arctic Zone hotel, you walk to the meeting point and are picked up by employees of the husky team. You drive past Kuusamo, deeper into the landscapes on the way to the starting point of the Husky Safari . After an introduction and instruction, you leave with your own sled and husky team of 4 to 6 dogs and set off through the Arctic winter landscapes. A magically beautiful adventure that can last two days.

Day 5 - Husky Safari Day-2

You wake up in a remote cabin, close to the Russian border. The log cabin is located in an amazing winter landscape and together with your guide you take care of the dogs and enjoy breakfast. Although you go back to mushing, it seems that you are driving deeper and deeper into nature. You will see how special this experience really is. How strong the dogs are and what is required of people and animals to progress in this Arctic landscape. When the sky is clear, this is also a particularly nice opportunity to spot the Northern Lights .

Day 6 - Free at leisure

Yesterday you arrived back at your hotel in Ruka at the end of the day. After those two intense days, take extra time for your delicious Scandinavian breakfast .
Today we give you the space to either give your body some extra rest and possibly spend extra time in your sauna or to take a leisurely trip at your own pace. How about Kuusamo ? Do you want to do some shopping, do some shopping or would you like to pick up some souvenirs ?

Day 7 - Ruka - Kuusamo - Helsinki

Your last breakfast at the Arctic Zone hotel and some time in Ruka or on the way between Ruka and Kuusamo . You return the rental car at the airport and fly to Helsinki at 5:50 PM. In Helsinki you will stay 1 night in the centrally located Solo Sokos Hotel. You will enjoy an evening and morning in Helsinki.

Day 8 - Helsinki - Amsterdam

After a luxurious breakfast at Hotel Solo Sokos and a pleasant time in Helsinki Center, your flight to Amsterdam departs at 6:10 PM. You arrive in Amsterdam at 7:50 PM

Huskysafari sledehondentocht in de wildernis van fins Lapland Finland. Boek je winter avontuur bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel.

Interactive: Route & Locations

Follow the location dots, click on them and see the route you are going to drive. No line on a card. Here you can actively zoom in and out.

CLICK HERE to open the map

  • Huskysafari hondenslede tourtocht husky voeren. Je bent onderdeel van je eigen team met huskies tijdens de huskytocht in Fins Lapland. Boek je reis naar Finland bij Holmstock Travel

    Together one Team with the Huskies

    Yes, you saw it right! We care deeply about the quality of our trips. We really check everything :) Under the motto of 'been there, done that', we literally put our finger in everything, also and especially when it comes to the care of the animals. Respect for the four-legged friends!

  • Breaks on the trail

    The breaks along the way have various functions. You don't always stop to eat, you often take the time to check the dogs, check the leashes and briefly consult with the team members to see if everyone is doing well. Human and animal.

  • Met je team sledehonden door de winterse bossen van Fins Lapland. Over de Taiga met de husky.

    Together with your team of 6 huskies

    Overwhelming! A wonderfully impressive experience in every respect. You carry this with you all your life. The energy and power of the husky, the magical experience of nature, the peace and sounds and hearing the silence. Almost impossible to put into words.

  • Voor maken in het arctisch gebied - cursus vuur maken en survival - husky experience tour met siberische huskies. Boek je winter avontuur bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel

    Make fire

    A hot cup of tea or better yet a hot soup. That is worth gold if you are traveling in the Arctic. The skill of making fire is of great importance. You will also learn this during this tour. What if your matches stop working? Which natural materials do you use?

  • Key players and top athletes

    A real athlete, a hugger and a leading actor. This guy's name is Lovec and he symbolizes all those cuddly powerhouses that make these kinds of trips possible. He is one of the first sled dogs we ever had the pleasure of harnessing. We will never forget..

  • Husky tour met gids in arctisch Fins Lapland - Ga mee op huskysafari en beleef het hoge noorden op een unieke wijze.

    When the guide is speaking

    Both the guide and the dogs have mountains of knowledge and experience. You can trust and build on this. Thanks to their experience and their willingness to share knowledge and skills, you will be able to enjoy this husky safari experience safely and with great pleasure. Have fun!

  • Included / included

    • Flight Amsterdam-Helsinki, most favorable rate, excl. checked baggage, excl. €29.95 booking fee per booking.
    • Flight Helsinki-Kuusamo, best rate, incl. 8KG hand luggage and 23KG hold luggage.
    • Airport taxes and taxes
    • Stay in the mentioned hotel accommodation(s) including breakfast
    • Double room in Hotel Arctic Zone including sauna in the room, including breakfast.
    • Rental car model Ford Fiesta
    • Husky experience tour 10KM incl. lunch
    • Reindeer sleigh ride 1.5KM incl. lunch
    • 2-day Husky Safari incl. full care, overnight stay in lodge with breakfast and shuttle service to and from Ruka
    • Flight Kuusamo-Helsinki, most favorable rate, incl. 8KG hand luggage and 23KG hold luggage.
    • 1 night incl. breakfast at Hotel Solo Sokos Helsinki center in a double room.
    • Flight Helsinki-Amsterdam, most favorable rate, excl. checked baggage, excl. €29.95 booking fee per booking.
  • Exclusive / not included

    • Contribution to the VZR Guarantee Fund, 1% of the total travel sum
    • Travel and cancellation insurance(s)
    • Meals, if not specifically mentioned
    • Refreshments, (soft) drinks and personal expenses
    • €25 reservation fee per booking or per adjustment of a booking
    • Deposit payment for the rental car
    • Fuel for the rental car
    • ski rental or use of ski facilities

  • Extras

    • tips
    • pocket money for personal expenses and purchases
    • excursions or attractions not mentioned

Travel conditions Husky Safari Finnish Lapland

There are no special wishes ! Because every wish is very normal.
Ask us what your heart desires and we will consult with you and get to work for you. Let us know!

This trip is based on quotation. All information about included / not included can be found in your personal quote that we make based on your request and the consultation we have with you.

Thanks to our VZR GARANT quality mark, you can travel safely with Holmstock Travel.
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