• Zweden is een snoep land bij uitstek. De zweed noemt het godis. Vaak zie je snoep verpakt met pippi langkous motieven. Reis mee naar Zweden. Holmstock Travel
  • Avond in Malmö - de gezellige terrasjes op lilla torget en stora torget nodigen uit voor een hapje en een drankje. Het is ook zeer gezellig winkelen in Malmö. Zweden autorondreis met Holmstock Travel - boek nu!
  • Een vakantie naar Zweden boeken als autorondreis of groepsreis. Boek nu je vakantie bij Holmstock Travel reisbureau
  • Natuurparken, outdoor cooking, bossen, dieren, herten, elanden, rust, ruimte, healing, yoga, mindfull, beleving. Zweden heeft veel te bieden. Ga mee op reis.

Castles tour
with own car, southern Sweden

Experience proud Sweden - Castle tour with your own car, southern Sweden

A tour with your own car. Sweden is a country with a lot of variety. You can get to know Sweden in many ways. There are many ways to enjoy Sweden. The Astrid Lindgren version with the red and white houses is one of them. And maybe that's a fun one too. With our castle tour we highlight proud, beautiful and classic Sweden.

3 Castles in the south. Travel with the focus on enjoyment.

With this tour you will not travel very many kilometers. The focus is on enjoying, experiencing, having time to 'absorb'. We combine small Swedish pleasures & beautiful nature with impressive locations. Of course we do not lose sight of the 'real Sweden'.

** Price indication : From € 1,655 per person based on a booking for two people. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .
  • Kastelen rondreis Zweden - auto rondreis of fly-drive - culinair genieten, golf spelen in Zweden, prachtig zweden

    Immerse yourself in luxury and atmosphere

  • Kastelen rondreis met de auto - Zuid Zweden Skåne - Kronovall Slott - Boek uw reis bij Holmstock Travel

    Kronovalls Slott - Skåne, Sweden

  • Zweden - heerlijk slapen in een extra luxe kamer - beter dan een hotel - slaap in een kasteel

    Sleep like prince & princess

  • Elanden kun je in heel Zuid Zweden tegenkomen in het bos en op het weiland. Skåne in Zuid Zweden bezoek wij met onze kastelen rondreis. Grote kans dat je Elanden gaat zien.

    There's a good chance you'll see moose

  • Tijdens een wandeling in Zweden, prachtige beeld motieven voor je fotografie

    In the middle of the forest, an abandoned farm

  • Fika - Zweedse pauze cultuur om te genieten, te eten en te kletsen

    Fika - the Swedish take-it-easy break

Impressively beautiful southern Sweden

10 days : with your own transport or rental car

Purpose of this trip : The most expensive hotel is often not 'the best' and driving many kilometers does not always mean that you will actually see much. With our castle tour in southern Sweden you will not stay in a room of a large hotel chain with shareholders, but you will be the guest of people with an enormous passion. People with a passion for the location, for the history and the culture. Passion that results in atmosphere, conviviality and experience. Passion that you will feel as a guest. Proud locations with proud people who together leave a lasting impression on you. Not only a holiday for your body but also a holiday for your soul.

Is a castle trip extra expensive?
No ! But let's be frank about it: In general, dining in a restaurant in Sweden is never cheap. Alcoholic drinks are also usually higher in price than in the Netherlands, for example. Usually there is an alternative to 'eat out' within a reasonable distance.
At the first castle location we offer you a 4-course menu included with your first overnight stay. You also enjoy the freedom to decide everything yourself on the spot. Also take advantage of the extra options that each location has to offer. Think of sauna, massage, relaxation days, rental, etc. Pay attention to the prices locally and compare them if necessary. with local offerings nearby.

Apply now .

Don't want to drive yourself?
We also offer this trip as a group trip, from 4 people.
(max. 8 people where you fully appoint the group yourself).
You can possibly Book this trip purely for your own family or for your club, company or you name it. As long as you count between 4 and 8 people. (More persons possible in consultation)
As a group you have complete privacy with the luxury of a driver/guide.

Day program : See bottom of this page.

Price indication : From € 1655 p. person. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .

There are no special wishes ! Because every wish is very normal.
Ask us what your heart desires and we will consult with you and get to work for you. Let us know!

Holmstock Travel: Travel with pleasure and come home with a smile!

Outdoor lunch - Gunnebo Slott Göteborg Zweden - Cafe & Restaurant.

Gothenburg, the 2nd capital of Sweden

If you are more of a nature lover, you can explore the Delsjön naturområdet and/or visit the gardens of Gunnebo Slott and enjoy a fika or a healthy lunch.

If you like to go into the city, Sweden's second capital, Gothenburg , is a beautiful place to stay and explore. From trendy to classic . Gothenburg has it all. Shopping, Culture and Culinary.

Feel like leaving? - book now
Vintage Shopping - second hand- Een enorme trend in Scandianvie. Hergebruik is milieubewust winkelen en spaart geld.

Vintage shopping in Sweden

Traditionally, Sweden has had the principle of re-use of consumer goods. The so-called second-hand is called Loppis in Sweden. The loppa, the Swedish word for flea. We know it in the Netherlands as a flea market.

Trendy throughout Scandinavia and 'reinvented' in the form of Retro Shopping , Vintage Shopping or Swedish återbruk (reuse).

Gothenburg has a wide range of well-stocked and high-quality vintage stores.

Register - from 1 person (max. 8)

Day program

Day 1 - from home to Travemünde (D).

You travel to Travemünde (D) on your own with your own car. Since we are mainly traveling through Germany today, it would not be out of place to quote a German saying: Die Reise ist das Ziel. In other words: Your holiday starts as soon as you walk out the front door. Enjoy every moment on the road. When enjoying your trip, don't forget that you have to check in at the port one hour before the ferry departs in Travemünde. Make sure you arrive well before 9:00 PM. You sleep on the ship in a cabin with a view of the sea, the so-called outside cabin. The next morning between 6 and 7 the ship arrives in Malmö, Sweden.

Day 2. Malmö / Hällsnäs Manor / 285 KM

The first castle of this trip is Hällsnäs Manor House from 1906. Located on Lake Landvetter, you can enjoy peace and quiet, jogging**, a gourmet package with 18 courses** or a whiskey tasting** in the special Makmyra Whiskey warehouse & 'school of whisky'.
(**Not included). Take your time to make a few stops along the way. Because you are driving on the E6 highway, you will be making pretty good progress. Only 36KM. Landskrona Slott is located above Malmö. In good weather you have a view over the Öresund to Denmark. Maybe your first Swedish breakfast with kanelbulle and coffee in Landskrona?! Helsingborg is also beautiful, but remember that it is a somewhat larger city. A little further north lies Halmstad . Or how about a beach walk on Mellby beach? The cozy Falkenberg is a little further away. The E6 makes it all very accessible. It is not far to your destination in Västra Götaland, the province in which Gothenburg is located. After arrival you can enjoy a luxurious 4-course dinner (included, excluding drinks).

Day 3. Hällsnäs - Gothenburg / 50 KM

Your day starts with a delicious Swedish breakfast (included). Then you decide how you will spend the day. If you stay at Hällsnäs Manor and take advantage of one of the wonderful options available, you can also visit the Delsjö område Naturreservat nature reserve. in combination with a visit to Gunnebo Slott (with restaurant) or will you find entertainment in Gothenburg where you can also go for a fun day of shopping and wine & dining ?!

...maybe you would like to stay here an extra day to have more time for all those fun things. Please discuss this in advance when you contact us for your booking.

Day 4. Hällnäs - Tofta / 60 KM

After your luxurious breakfast (included), it's time to take a short drive. After only 60KM you arrive at your second castle: Tofta Herrgård. Beautifully situated on the archipelago, in the Tofta Nature Reserve and surrounded by the Lycke Golf Club. Because you don't have to drive far, you have a lot of time to explore the area immediately. The Skärgården is right at your feet and it is only a 17KM drive to cross and reach the offshore islands via bridge connections.

Extra night In the Skärg
ården, on a deserted island with a lighthouse. We will take you there with the helicopter and we will pick you up with a RIB.

Day 5. Tofta Herrgård

After a delicious Swedish breakfast (included), you decide how you will spend the day. Endless options . The small harbors with their cosiness, the coast, the nature reserve ...

Day 6. Tofta - Kronovalls Slott / 365 KM

Our advice is to start the day early. After breakfast at the hotel (included) you will drive south-east towards Kronovalls Slott . Sweden wouldn't be Sweden if there wasn't a lot to see along the way. We would like to warn you now, there is a good chance you will encounter elk along the way. Always drive with at least one eye on the side of the road.
On the way you could make a stop in Skeppshult . There is a unique manufacturer there. Skeppshult's cast iron pans and pots are world famous. You will definitely find a great deal in the outlet. Alternatively, with a small detour, you could also visit a moose park in Skåne. Visit the Kronovalls Slott and dine in the excellent Castle Restaurant (not included) where you can enjoy 4- or 5-course menus, if desired. with wine package. You will also stay for two nights incl. breakfast in the beautiful Kronovalls Slott . Kronovalls Slott in a Vinslott. Ask about the wine packages! (Not included).

Day 7. Kronovalls Slott

After the Castle breakfast (included), you can spend the day according to your own wishes. Enjoy the surroundings. In the evening you could enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in the Spannstallet restaurant (The old coach house). Spannstallet is Italian-oriented with pizzas from its own wood-fired, brick pizza oven. Rounded off with excellent wines and desserts, you will enjoy yourself here.

Day 8. Kronovall - Malmö / 80 KM

After the delicious Castle Breakfast you leave Kronovalls Slott and drive to Malmö. Malmö is a beautiful small city. Enjoy a delicious drink here, for example at ' lilla torget ', the small market with its cozy terraces. Time to enjoy the wonderful time you had at the beautiful locations. In Malmö you will stay 1 night in a luxury hotel, including breakfast.

Day 9. Malmö - Lund / 40 KM

Tonight your ferry leaves from Malmö to Travemünde. You must be checked in by 9:00 PM before departure.
You start the day in Malmö with a delicious Swedish breakfast. Our advice would be to use the day for a day trip to Lund. Lund is only 20KM away. Alternatively, there are also fun things to spend your day in Malmö and the surrounding area. You spend the night on the ferry on the way to Travemünde.

Day 10. Travemünde - home

You can reach Travemünde with the Finnlines ferry at 7am. Nice to be able to start the day early. That gives you plenty of time to drive home in the car.

autorondreis zuid Zweden - Kastelen rondreis Zuid Zweden - te boeken als self-drive of als groepsreis. Schrijf je in per persoon, we starten bij een deelname vanaf 4 personen bij een groepsreis.

Interactive: Route & Locations

Follow the location dots, click on them and see the route you are going to drive. No line on a card. Here you can actively zoom in and out.

CLICK HERE to open the map

  • Tofta Herrgård - Kungalv, Marstrand en Gotenburg liggen heel dicht bij dit prachtige verlijf uit de 18e eeuw.

    Tofta Herrgård from the 18th century

    You will stay 2 nights in the lovely, family-owned, Tofta Herrgård Manor house. A historic building with a beautiful classic interior. The main building dates from 1705, the 18 guest rooms were recently built. Modern luxury in style.

  • Relax outside - in the warm hot tub

    The rocky surroundings of the Skärgården are actually a beautiful setting for a wonderful time in the Swedish hot tub. Scandinavian enjoyment with a beautiful view. Tofta Herrgård offers you a fantastic ambiance.

  • Swedish sleeping - stylish with comfort

    Sleeping is culture in Sweden. It is not without reason that the Swedes are also known as one of the best bed manufacturers in the world. Wonderfully clean air and the exceptionally quiet location add an extra dimension.

  • Het prachtige landschap van de Zweedse scheren langs de kust. Geniet van de auto rondreis in Zweden.

    Swedish skerries - the Skärgården

    Sweden is one of the best examples of how whimsically beautiful can be. The archipelago, the Skärgården, enchants you with its beautiful rock formations. The flora and fauna are unique. Take it in!

  • Wafels als tussendoortje. Heerlijk genieten op rondreis in Zweden. Holmstock Travel voor uw fly-drive of self-drive auto rondreis Zweden.

    Våfflor -with cream and jam

    As sacred in Sweden as the host in church. For many Swedes, it is as strongly connected to their childhood memories as it is to the 'now'. Compare it with the culture of poffertjes and pancakes in the Netherlands.

  • Outlet shopping is in Zweden enorm populair. Bezoek de gietijzer fabriek in Skeppshult en koop een fraaie gietijzeren pan met hoge korting. Holmstock Travel neemt u mee op reis.

    Hand-poured liquid iron

    The factory in Skeppshult is unique. A form of pressed sand that can only be used once, into which liquid iron is manually poured, makes every end product unique. Visit the outlet.

  • Kronovalls Slott biedt een Castle breakfast, Castle restaurant en de Spannstellet coach house pizzeria.

    Vinslott Kronovall - a top location

    You almost want to arrive with a horse and carriage or with a very nice old-timer. The Danish-owned castle dates from the 17th century and was sold to a Swedish noble in 1668.

  • Luxe overnachten in een kasteel in Zweden - Kastelen rondreis Zuid Zweden Skåne met Holmstock Travel

    Go to your Castle breakfast rested

    A Swedish 'Castle Breakfast'. What a special start to this holiday day. Kronovall Slott - a dream castle that has really become reality. Let yourself be pampered from early to late.

  • Culinary enjoyment in Sweden

    This tour offers you ample opportunity to enjoy culinary delights at a high level. Dine leisurely on the coast or in the castle in Skåne... you can combine and vary to your heart's content.

  • Included / included

    • Ferry Travemünde-Malmö with Finnlines incl. overnight stay
    • 2 nights at Hällsnäs Castle in a double room including shower and toilet, incl. breakfast.
    • 1x 4-course menu at Hällsnäs Castle on the day of arrival
    • 2 nights at Tofta Herrgård in a double room incl. shower and toilet, including breakfast.
    • 2 nights at Kronovalls Slott Hotel in a double room incl. shower and toilet, including breakfast.
    • 1 night in a hotel in Malmö including breakfast
    • Ferry Malmö-Travemünde including overnight stay in an outside cabin, excluding breakfast.
  • Exclusive / not included

    • Contribution to the VZR Guarantee Fund, 1% of the total travel price
    • Travel and cancellation insurance(s)
    • Meals, if not specifically mentioned
    • Refreshments, (soft) drinks and personal expenses
    • €25 reservation fee per booking or per adjustment of a booking
    • Fuel
    • Rental car (if applicable)
    • Public transport or taxi on location
    • Entrance fees to museums or attractions not mentioned

  • Extras

    • tips
    • pocket money for personal expenses and purchases
    • excursions or attractions not mentioned

Travel conditions
Castles tour in southern Sweden

There are no special wishes ! Because every wish is very normal.
Ask us what your heart desires and we will consult with you and get to work for you. Let us know!

This trip is based on quotation. All information about included / not included can be found in your personal quote that we make based on your request and the consultation we have with you.

Thanks to our VZR GARANT quality mark, you can travel safely with Holmstock Travel.