Saami style Rendieren slede tocht met safari naar een rendieren farm. Lapland winter vakantie met reisbureau Holmstock Travel

Reindeer sleigh ride

Locomotion and transport through the winter Arctic taiga in Lapland was traditionally done by the Saami using reindeer-drawn sleds.

Experience this pure way of moving in the winter landscapes of Finnish Lapland.

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From means of transport to cultural symbol

The Sámi people are native to the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland and parts of Russia. They have a deep connection with reindeer and depend on them for transportation, food, clothing and other essential resources. The traditional Sámi reindeer sleigh , known as a "pulkka" in Finnish and "pulka" in Swedish, is a simple sleigh-like vehicle used to transport people or goods over snow and ice.

Nenets and Evenki Cultures: In Russia, the Nenets and Evenki are indigenous peoples who also have a long history of using reindeer for transportation and as an important source of food. They use reindeer-drawn sleds, often called "narty" or "khomus" in the Nenets and Evenki languages, to travel across the vast and harsh Arctic landscapes .

Christmas and Winter Folklore: The image of Santa Claus or Sinterklaas riding a sleigh pulled by reindeer has become an iconic part of Christmas folklore and traditions in many parts of the world. This popular representation is derived from several cultural influences, including Nordic and North American folklore.

Winter festivals and races : In some regions, such as Lapland in Finland, reindeer sleigh competitions are held during winter festivals, celebrating both the cultural heritage and the practical aspects of using reindeer for transportation.

The use of reindeer for sledding dates back centuries and remains an important aspect of the culture and way of life of many indigenous communities in the Arctic. Although modern transportation methods have become more common, the tradition of the reindeer sleigh remains an important cultural symbol and reminder of the deep connection between people and nature in these regions.

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