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    Business travel

    You book a business trip with a travel expert like us. We know the needs of the business traveler(s). Travel for one or more people as well as for groups.
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  • Zakelijke groepsreis boeken, teambuilding event boeken, zakelijke incentive boeken, Zakenreisbureau, zakelijk reisbureau, teambuilding tips, teambuilding events, organiseren, plannen, uitvoeren.

    Team building

    For your employees - personnel - sales force or for your customers. Develop bond by successfully focusing on team building and incentive trips . Stimulate, reward and grow together.
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  • Minivan inclusief chauffeur voor zakelijke reizen boeken bij zakenreisbureau Holmstock BV. Uw zakelijke reis binnen Nederland, Duitsland, Europa en Scandinavie - Zweden, Noorwegen en Finland

    Driver Service

    Multi-day business trips from 1 person as a private driver to 8 people in a Mercedes Vito van. Available within the Netherlands, and for travel to Europe and Scandinavia.
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  • Zakelijk reizen inclusief Incentives, Wellness, Ski-events, Massage, Relax dagen. Zakenreis, businesstrip, Bedrijfsuitje, Beursbezoek, Zakelijke meeting of presentatie.

    Generate added value

    Business meetings , fun events at beautiful locations. things such as Wellness , Spa , Experiences , Challenges or a complete Winter sport . Add something and generate added value.
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Book a business trip?!

We provide tailor-made business travel services.
Business appointment with private driver, as a group trip with minivan, flight, fly-drive.
Incentive, Team Building, Rewards, Relax or Wellness.
Completely combined and composed according to your wishes.

Business appointment - private driver

Taking a business trip but not wanting to drive the miles yourself. You book our private driver for a multi-day trip within Europe. The car with driver is at your disposal the entire time.

Business group tour with minibus.

With a luxury Mercedes Vito Tourer (incl. driver) we can transport a maximum of 8 people plus luggage. For example, your business trip goes to a trade fair or to various business appointments in the Netherlands, Germany or any other country in the EU or Scandinavia. Larger groups possible in consultation.

  • Tickets boeken voor zakelijke vlucht reizen - Reisbureau voor zakelijke klanten - Goede snelle service voor een gunstige prijs - Snel en betrouwbaar.

    Business flight booking - tickets service

  • Zakelijke vergaderlocaties, meetings & events inclusief werklocaties, teambuilding, presentaties en culinaire verzorging en entertainment. Boek uw zakelijke evenment bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel. Zakelijk onderweg in heel Europa en Scandinavië.

    Book a meeting location throughout the EU

  • Zakenreizen inclusief hotelovernachting, transport, verzorging, meeting, events en incentives. Alles op maat conform uw wensen afgestemd om uw zakelijke reis of uw teambuilding tot een succes te maken. Combineer uw zakelijke reis met het aangename en boek direct aansluitend een korte skivakantie, Wellness of Relax short-stay in combinatie met uw zakenreis.

    Hotel rooms, packages and ..


Business travel is a completely different thing than traveling for pleasure. When traveling for business, you must take into account a wide range of necessities, interests, preferences and, for example, agendas. As an entrepreneur or business customer, you naturally understand what we mean by that. As professionals, we know how to respond to this and take it into account.

Your business trip is tailor-made
Hardly any business trip is the same. Every entrepreneur and every company must take into account the important aspects for this business trip. You do business, we take care of you.

Business trip within the Netherlands, Europe or the Scandinavian countries
If desired, we will take care of the complete arrangement. Accommodation, ticket, transfer, car with driver, transport and storage of goods, a business dinner for you and your relations, an additional outing or a bit of wellness. We make it a successful trip, in good consultation.

Think of us as your own PA - personal assistant
Real PAs (personal assistants) also often come to us for the right business travel advice. Don't hesitate to use us as your own PA and let us arrange everything for your business trip. For the sole proprietorship, the SME company or for the employees of a multinational. For us, every business trip is a challenge in the positive sense of the word.

How much does a business trip, meeting or event cost?
In a sense, it is entirely up to you. The costs of a business trip depend on various necessities, requirements and wishes. We can work for you within that mix and taking into account a budget you set. Good consultation and the clearest possible briefing are always the basis.

Holmstock Travel: We make business trips successful and enjoyable.

Minivan inclusief chauffeur voor zakelijke reizen boeken bij zakenreisbureau Holmstock BV. Uw zakelijke reis binnen Nederland, Duitsland, Europa en Scandinavie - Zweden, Noorwegen en Finland

Car with driver - Business travel

You wish to travel for business and want to use a car or minibus with a driver.

We offer this service for multi-day business trips within the Netherlands, within all European countries such as Germany and within all Scandinavian countries.

From 1 person as a private driver
to 8 people in a Mercedes Vito.
Car with driver - request a quote


Car with driver for your business trip.

Make your business trip as efficient as possible. No taxi to the airport, no waiting times at counters and terminals, no health and safety risks at locations with large groups of people and almost no luggage restrictions. Our driver will pick you up at home or at the office and you can work, read, email or rest undisturbed along the way. We take care of the entire trip.

Business associate visiting?!

You are expecting a delegation from abroad or a business associate to visit. We can also do a lot for your foreign relations. We can support your relationship from a pickup location such as Schiphol Airport. Fully arranged travel to the Netherlands, Europe or the Scandinavian countries is possible. Everything including an English-speaking tour guide/driver.

Zakelijke meeting op zakenreis in het binnenland of buitenland - Een goede reisplanning en reisorganisatie, een chauffeurservice en een goed hotel. U komt ontspannen ter plaatse. Een uitstekende basis om succesvol zaken te doen.

Business trip - business meeting

Do business successfully when you are relaxed. You are well prepared, relaxed and confident. An excellent basis for a successful meeting.

A well-organized trip prevents stress and tension. Everything revolves around experience. Our business travel professionals ensure that you can fully concentrate on what really matters: Your success.

We take care of booking accommodations, transport and transport solutions, meeting locations, dinners and entertainment. In short, the complete package according to your wishes.
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We have been entrepreneurs ourselves since 1992. Business travel, international and national travel for business, we have been doing this for over 30 years. Organizing, anticipating and, above all, arriving. Where possible on time, with a little margin and above all with a good feeling. If you arrive with the right, positive energy, you will of course be well received and doing business will be something you look forward to with good confidence. - Linda Kadel-Hendriks, CEO Holmstock Travel

Teambuilding event reis boeken bij een reis specialist in Nederland of Buitenland georganiseerd. Vraag nu offerte.

Team building

The driving force within your organization are the people who work there. Working together as a good team is the key to success. Team building activities help you learn to work better together in a pleasant way. Active collaboration in a pleasant environment promotes the flexibility of teamwork.

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Incentive reis ski-vakantie in ski-resort Zweden of Noorwegen. Ook leuk als Teambuilding. Boek deze zakenreis bij zakenreisbureau Holmstock Travel.


Stay strong and well motivated together! Bind your people and reward for hard work and good effort. Improve and strengthen motivation with a view to the future. As a business travel agency, we provide a complete Incentive event in the Netherlands or an Incentive trip to Scandinavia, for example.

How about a fun, all-inclusive ski holiday incentive trip to Norway or Sweden?

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advice, implementation and results - top incentives


A business trip doesn't have to be boring. Not for the director and not for the employees of a company. There is always a supplement that we can advise, tailored to your interests.

Ski Vakantie of Zakenreis aanvulling in Stockholm Zweden - Ski in hartje stad in de winter. Zakelijk reisaanbod indien gewenst met chauffeur. Ook als groepsreis.

Skiing in Stockholm

On business in Sweden - Stockholm and crazy about skiing? The Hammarby backen ski slope might be an opportunity you wouldn't want to miss.

We offer business trips to Sweden as a flight, fly-drive or with driver from the Netherlands. Request your quote now.

Other fun TIPS - see Activities (via the top navigation)
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top locations available in Sweden and Norway

Meetings organiseren op toplocaties in Nederland en in heel Europa - Boek uw meetings en de organisatie van de reis bij Holmstock Travel uw zakelijke reisbureau.

Meetings on location

Are you looking for a nice meeting location or do you even want to combine the meeting with a location abroad? In close consultation, we can take care of the organization down to the last detail. Location, tickets, facilities, speakers, meals and entertainment. We like a challenge!

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Business travel specialist: HOLMSTOCK TRAVEL

Our focus is on successful collaboration with our customers. Good personal contact with you as a customer is paramount. Together we make an inventory of your needs and necessities, then we get to work for you. A non-binding proposal will then provide discussion material and in consultation we will put together the details for your business trip, meeting, event or ..

Business travel with Holmstock Travel