• Finland - het land van de duizen meren en talloze rivieren en stroompjes. Ga mee op reis om te kano varen, kajakken, hengelen, vissen, zwemmen, subboard, cruise of gewoon om te genieten.
  • De vlag van Finland is een wit vlak met een blauw kruis. De finnen zijn heel trots op hun land en op zich ook heel trotse mensen. Finland is een prachtig vakantieland. Reis mee en boek je Finland vakantie bij reisbureau Holmstock
  • Paddenstoelen plukken is in Finland een nationale sport. Vindt de juiste paddenstoel zoals de Chantarel en geniet van een heerlijk gerecht. Reis mee naar Finland als autorondreis, fly-drive of groepsreis met reisbureau Holmstock Travel
  • In Finland is elk jaargetijde mooi. Heel fraai is ook de Indian Summer met zijn prachtige goudkleurige tinten in het late avondlicht. De zon maakt alles prachtig.
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South and Central Finland,
Helsinki - Kuopio - Tampere
13 days, Self-drive tour

Book exactly like this - or do you have other wishes? Let us know.
Can also be booked as a fly-drive or as a group tour with a guide.

Here you will get to know Finland!

'Of course you also have a connection with Finland if you go to Rovaniemi in winter to hug Santa Claus, see the Northern Lights and do various sporting activities. You will get to know the real Finnish Finland on this route. Here you are really in the heart of Finland.

Variation in accommodations, cities, villages and lots of nature.

A sleek design hotel in Helsinki, a romantic garden in Mikkeli and a rustic log house on the lake in the Kuopio region. From the bustling city to the silence of the primeval forest and from relaxing on a terrace to being active.

We can make this trip shorter or longer in consultation, all in good consultation. You are in charge of your holiday and we will help you organize it in the most pleasant way. Every proposal has what we call 'honest days'. After all, you are leaving from home and not somewhere from 'Copenhagen' or something like that. We describe the entire journey, which just seems so complete and honest to us.

  • Hartje midden Finland een loghouse huren met bootje aan het meer tijdens de autorondreis via Helsinki met reisbureau Holmstock Travel

    Top quality loghouse accommodation

  • Vaak huur je een loghouse in Finland met daarbij een roeiboot. Soms zelfs gratis inbegrepen in de prijs. Afhankelijk van het aanbod.

    directly on the lake and with rowing boat

  • Een loghouse hoeft niet altijd klein en compact te zijn. Je kunt ook een grotere loghouse met veel gezelligheid en luxe huren.

    sauna, balcony and space

The structure & approach of this trip

Not only do you physically drive your car to the heart of Finland, your feeling will also tell you that you are staying in the heart of Finland. You will get to know various sides of this beautiful country because we take you to the capital, the village, the countryside and also to a vibrant cultural center, Tampere.

Cruising from Germany to Finland - switch off
Once you are on board the luxury ferry, it is time to switch off. Take a break and enjoy the views of the sea, take a nap or look for entertainment on board.

Arrive in Helsinki
You arrive in Helsinki not too late in the day. Great time to use the day in the city and explore the sights. In the evening, enjoy a delicious dinner, stroll or visit a bar.

From beautifully classic to rustic
On this journey you will get to know the various styles of building and living. Finland has developed and its beautiful styles are particularly well reflected in your accommodation locations.

What is Finland?
Finland is often equated with the Sauna culture. And that's right! In addition, most people know Finland for Christmas, winter sports, Northern Lights and reindeer. That is also correct. On this journey, pure Finland comes to light and you have the opportunity to feel like a Finn for a moment. We immerse you in the heart of Finland. Travel with us!

Holmstock Travel: Travel with pleasure and come home with a smile!

Bezoek de witte cathedraal van Helsinki, ga shoppen in de stad, bezoek de gamla stan of de Uspenski Cathedraal. Helsinki is een wereldstad en je ontmoet er mensen uit heel de wereld. Geniet van de parken of van het nationaal museaum. Hotel Solo Sokos wacht op je met een fraaie kamer en een heerlijk scandinavisch ontbijt.

The White Cathedral of Helsinki

In Helsinki you will stay in the very centrally located Solo Sokos Hotel. The city is at your feet.

Price: Hotel including breakfast

** Price indication : From € 2,200 per person based on a booking for two people. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .
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This is where your Finland adventure begins. Helsinki welcomes you with open arms. People from all over the world travel great distances to see it all. Beautiful architecture, special cathedrals, a wonderfully cozy center, beautiful parks, the National Finnish Museum, shopping in the design district, the UNESCO world heritage site Suomenlinna, the Korkeasaari Zoo or enjoy Finnish delicacies in a bar or on a terrace.

LUOVUUS KUKKII KAAOKSESTA : Not a difficult word to remember, right?!
Well, do it anyway because then you will immediately know one of the best 'casual dining' restaurants in Helsinki.

Finnish is of course a language with many secrets for us. This ancient language is really indecipherable, we just have to admit that. Adventurous, we always say and take it with a smile. However, your English language or a little German will go a long way in Finland.

Spa en Wellness Hotel in Landhuisstijl in Mikkeli Kekkola Finland - Reis mee met Holmstock Travel reisbureau naar Zuid en Midden Finland. Autorondreis, groepsreis of fly-drive.

Coziness in luxury: Mikkeli

From the city to the countryside. That is from Helsinki to Mikkeli. The robust city makes way for the lovely estate. Here in Mikkeli you can enjoy classic luxury, a hot tub and a sauna spa. The roots of this location date back to the 16th century. A very pleasant stay.

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It is the purity of Finland that touched us so much. Unlike Sweden, for example. Or maybe I'm saying it wrong? After exploring Sweden for years and then traveling in Finland, we experienced Finland as a country where we found exactly what we were looking for in Sweden. Sometimes it is difficult to put a feeling into words. Is 'pure' the right word? And aren't we doing Sweden a disservice by doing so? Well, it's 'different'... in a nice way.

Prachtige vergezichten aan de finse meren zoals hier in Kuopio Finland. Reis mee naar de bossen in midden finland met reisbureau Holmstock Travel, specialist op reizen naar Finland.

Finnish jewelry

The Finnish lakes are jewels in the landscape. This is one of our most beautiful photos from the Kuopio region. We were really amazed by the beauty of this place. A living painting. This piece is only a 'framework' of a much larger whole. Impressive and moving.

Finse Loghouse vakantiewoning aan het meer met uitzicht over de omgeving. Reis mee met reisbureau Holmstock Travel en boek je zomervakantie en autorondreis.

Finnish Loghouse Villa

Stately situated with a view over the Finnish lake, which you can enter through the garden. With your own rowing boat, sauna, balcony, lots of space and, above all, cozy atmosphere. Enjoy your breakfast on the balcony or in the garden. Have a BBQ by the water. Dip in the lake as you walk out of the sauna across the grass.

We have a range of options when it comes to holiday homes. The loghouse shown in this example is very beautiful. If you book in time you have a good chance of finding such a beautiful location. Everything depends on availability of course. You will have a wonderful stay here.
You prepare your own meals and you have complete privacy .

Wandelen in de finse bossen. Het Von Wright pad of de paddenstoelen route. Beleef de nationale parken in Finland.

A living work of art

Picturesque nature. Walk along the Ferdinand von Wright path. Von Wright is one of the most recognized nature painters in Finland. Come along to 'his places'.

These walks are free. Make sure you have good footwear and appropriate clothing. Possibly a small backpack with a drink and a snack.
Cruise van Kuopio richting Savonlinnna en bezoek een wijn tasting bij een finse wijnboer. Geniet onderweg van een hapje en een drankje tijdens de boottocht over het meer. Finse meren en speciale excursies. Reis mee met reisbureau Holmstock Travel en boek je reis nu.

Cruise to vineyard

With a cruise on the largest lake in the northern Savo area, the Kallavesi. Here you will sail towards the Alahovi winery while enjoying lunch. There you will enjoy a tasting and a tour and in the afternoon you will cruise back to Kuopio.

Verse vis zoals zalm op de vismarkt in Tampere - kopen, eten en genieten. In de haven en in het centrum shopping. Reis mee met reisbureau Holmstock Travel - boek nu

Tampere fish market

You will stay in Tampere for a day and a half. The beautiful Vaihmalan Hovi Hotel is a fantastic place to stay. Tampere has a lot to offer. This also applies to the wonderfully scented fish market in the harbour.

Excursions are not always included, read per travel information and always per quote what exactly is and/or is not included in the trip you are going to book. The following is purely an overview of the available excursions and what is on site. The range of excursions available per location varies in type and implementation. We will inform you about this in detail in our quotation. If you have any special wishes, please let us know. we are happy to think along with you. The excursion prices below are always based on a minimum of 2 participants, price per person. The rates below refer to the Savonlinna region and may differ in other locations. Subject to change, seasonal changes reserved.

Day program Self-drive tour 'Heart of Finland' r. Kuopio

Day 1 - On the way to Travemünde

You leave from home and head to Travemünde . You drive a part of the Netherlands and a part of the German highway. Pay close attention to the times. Your ferry leaves at 2:00 AM. You must have checked in 1 hour before departure. Our advice is to arrive at the port around midnight . You will have to orient yourself to find the right lane. You could possibly spend the last hours in the town of Travemünde itself. Then you will always be at the port on time.

Day 2 - Ferry Travemünde (Germany) - Helsinki (Finland)

When day 1 is over, i.e. immediately after midnight, you are in line for the ferry . This leaves at 2:00 am. That may take some time, but once you're on board, your holiday really begins. You stay in an outdoor cabin with a view of the sea, you sleep wonderfully, have breakfast and enjoy the day at sea. Including on-board meals: Brunch, Breakfast & Superior Dinner.

Day 3 - Helsinki Finland

The ferry will dock in Helsinki Finland around 10:00 am. You will be welcomed at the Solos Sokos Hotel in the center of Helsinki. Nicely centrally located, this is your base for exploring Helsinki. You can organize your day and evening in Helsinki according to your own wishes.

Day 4 - Helsinki - Mikkeli / 250 KM.

Get up early today and enjoy your first Scandinavian breakfast on land. You have all day to cover those 220KM. to drive. So you can take a look here and there along the way or you can drive on smoothly and grab some extra time in Mikkeli.
You arrive at Landhaus Kekkola where you will stay for 1 night. You can also take advantage of the wellness offer here after consultation.

Day 5 - Mikkeli - Tahko / 220KM.

It is a lovely and not busy drive to Kuopio / Tahko . You arrive at your loghouse villa on the lake feeling relaxed. It might be useful to do some shopping along the way so that you can immediately fill the refrigerator. Make it cozy and cozy and enjoy your private sauna immediately.

Day 6 - Relaxation and walking day in the forest

After all this traveling, today we want to take you to the beautiful Finnish forests. We have selected two scenic routes for you, including the Ferdinand van Wright path. So today you will experience the three most important arguments that make Finland the happiest country in the world: 1. the tranquility of the forests, 2. clean air, 3. clear water. A day filled with special natural resources . Delicious coffee and cake, at the end of the afternoon in a small, local zoo. (Not included)

Day 7 - Kuopio - cruise with vineyard visit.

Of course, you should not miss Kuopio center, including the fish market in the harbor. Today you will go on a lunch cruise on Lake Kallevesi with a destination at the Alahovi vineyard . Here you have a wine tasting and a tour.

Day 8 - Kuopio

How nice to have a day off . Kuopio and its surrounding region have much to offer. Let us know whether you are going to plan the day yourself or whether we will organize an excursion for you. Nice and lazy or nice and active. You decide.

Day 9 - Kuopio - Tampere / 300KM.

One last breakfast in your loghouse villa or on your own beach. Today you drive to Tampere, a very versatile and interesting city in the heart of Finland . You will stay for 2 nights in the luxury hotel Vaihmalaln Hovi , which is located just outside the city. Make a choice from the offer, including the spa and the beach sauna .

Day 10 - Tampere

Enjoy some shopping today in Tampere or a wonderful moment in the Spa of your hotel. You can plan this day entirely according to your own wishes.

Day 11 - Tampere - Helsinki - Ferry

After a delicious luxurious breakfast at the hotel in Tampere, pack the car and make sure you check in at the port of Helsinki no later than 2:00 PM for the Ferry to Travemünde. Your ferry leaves the harbor at 3:00 PM. Be on time! 31 hours of sailing incl. 1 overnight stay and 3 meals on board.

Day 12 - Arrival in Travemünde, Germany

Now it is wonderful to enjoy it on board and chat about what you have experienced. The Finnlines sails towards Travemünde and arrives in the port around 9:00 PM. Because we don't like to send you on the road in the evening, we book the Maritime Hotel Travemünde for you, so that you can spend the night.

Day 13 - Travemünde beach - drive home

Slept well and after a good breakfast you can stretch your legs on the German beach with a view of the Trave where you can admire the passing shipping beautifully. You will then set off well rested and prepared and arrive home at a reasonable time .

Autovakantie - autorondreis Finland naar het hartje van Finland. Kuopio, Mikkeli, Tampere. Ook als deelnemer van een groepsreis te boeken bij Holmstock Travel.

Interactive: Route & Locations

Follow the location dots, click on them and see the route you are going to drive. No line on a card. Here you can actively zoom in and out.

CLICK HERE to open the map

  • vissen met gids, fishing guide services, met een motorboot en gids gaan vissen in Finland op de finse meren - boek het bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel

    Kuopio and Tampere - Fishing with a guide

    Kuopio and Tampere but also Tehko are great places for fishing. Will you take to the water with a strong boat, an excellent guide and are you lucky enough to hook one of these beautiful fish? A very special excursion with a big BBQ afterwards at your own accommodation?

  • Hippe, moderne, jonge activiteiten en excursies voor sportieve mensen. Finland ken een heel breed aanbod aan activiteiten, sporten, huur mogelijkheden en to-do dingen. Voor een fin is niks te gek.

    Young, modern, active and energetic

    For a Finn, almost nothing is 'too crazy'. They are open to everything and they try everything. They also like to go crazy. Do exciting things, such as zip-lining, climbing, bungee, waterball, jet ski, mountain biking and fat biking, hiking, subboarding and surfing. Come join us!

  • Finnlines - ferry Duitsland Finland, Travemünde Helsinki - informatie over tijden en prijzen, boek nu je overtocht bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel

    Finnlines Ferry in Travemünde harbour

    Finnlines' ships are quite large. They are hard workhorses that cross the Baltic Sea every day from Finland to, among others. Germany. If you leave Germany, you do so late in the evening, or at night. The ferry then takes 31 hours, so a day and a half, to travel.

  • Bars en café's in Finland zijn vaak trendy en hip. Drukbezocht ook. Finnen houden wel van een biertje en een wijntje. De drank in Finland is wel erg duur.

    The Finns like a drink

    Even though the drinks in Finland are quite expensive, you will see that the bars and cafes in Finland are just as busy as ours. For your private use you can purchase at Alco, the government liquor store. They have an excellent range. The normally stiff fin also likes to have fun :)

  • Enjoy various saunas

    Not only are there different types of saunas, but Finland is the epicenter of sauna culture worldwide. Every sauna is simply different. You will experience this when you try out the different saunas along the way. Ever heard of a smoke sauna? That's a very special one.

  • Gezelligheid in Finland is een kampvuurtje of een bbq. Op open vuur een maaltijd bereiden, de sterrenhemel en een drankje. Genieten in Finland.

    Wonderfully simple and happy

    Finnish happiness. Finland is known as one of the happiest countries in the world. Finns find happiness in the simplicity and beauty of nature. Picking a berry or mushroom, breathing fresh air, cooking outside, a cold dip or a grilled sausage.

  • Included / included

    • Finnlines ferry crossing Travemünde-Helsinki, based on 2 persons, 1 passenger car, 2 persons. outside cabin
    • Breakfast, brunch and superior dinner on board
    • 1 night in hotel Solos Sokos Helsinki center in a double room incl. breakfast
    • 1 night in the Landhaus Kekkola hotel, room with balcony, incl. breakfast
    • 4 nights in the shown luxury log house villa on the lake. Including private sauna.
    • BBQ area at the log house
    • Final cleaning log house
    • Lunch Cruise from Kuopio to Alahovi Winery
    • 2 nights at Hotel Vaihmalan Hovi
    • Finnlines ferry crossing Helsinki-Travemünde, based on 2 persons, 1 passenger car, 2 persons. outside cabin
    • Breakfast, brunch and superior dinner on board
    • 1 overnight stay at the Travemünde Maritime Hotel incl. breakfast
  • Exclusive / not included

    • Contribution to the VZR Guarantee Fund, 1% of the total travel sum
    • Travel and cancellation insurance(s)
    • Meals, if not specifically mentioned
    • Refreshments, (soft) drinks and personal expenses
    • €25 reservation fee per booking or per adjustment of a booking
    • Fuel
    • Rental car if applicable
    • Palvelut zoo, entrance, coffee and cake are not included, the mention is purely a to-do tip.
    • Fishing with a guide or boat rental for fishing is not included.
    • Per hotel location, the offer of Spa, massage or the like is not included unless expressly stated otherwise.
  • Extras

    • tips
    • pocket money for personal expenses and purchases
    • excursions or attractions not mentioned

Travel conditions South-Centre car tour, Kuopio Finland

There are no special wishes ! Because every wish is very normal.
Ask us what your heart desires and we will consult with you and get to work for you. Let us know!

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