• Noorderlichtreis Fins Lapland met verblijf in een traditionele houten log house cabin.
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7 days Finnish Lapland & 1 day Rovaniemi

Maximum chance of seeing the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis

Of course, it all depends on the conditions that nature imposes on us. The activity on the sun, to start with, determines how much chance we have here on Earth of seeing the Aurora Borealis. The other most determining factor is the weather over Finnish Lapland. What about the cloud cover? No one can give you an answer to that so far in advance. Luck is therefore also a very important factor in the 'hunt for the Northern Lights'. The last factor is your own endurance. How many evening hours can you spend on the search and how well can you find it with the local temperatures? It is up to us and our guides to support you as best as possible.

Flight + rental car with stay in authentic log cabin

With this trip you have a great chance of seeing the Northern Lights. I'll also be happy to tell you why. Firstly, the location we have chosen is particularly suitable. We experienced this ourselves there and the origin of the many photos here on the site is exactly here. We simply take photographs with a mobile phone, handheld. Of course, this can also be done much more professionally.

See for yourself, one of the photos below was taken by us in Saarisalkä, the region where you will stay during this trip. Optimal opportunities to experience this yourself, as you can see.

  • Northern Lights over Nellim, Finnish Lapland

  • Reindeer on the road in winter Finland.

  • Aurora over Saarisalkä, Finnish Lapland

The structure & approach of this trip

Of course, staying in a log cabin has its pros and cons. We assume that you like to do things independently and like to drive through the landscape. Self-reliance is an important factor because you will be staying in a fairly remote location. The less light from others, the better your chances of seeing the Northern Lights.

1st day Rovaniemi
You arrive at the airport in the evening. You pick up the rental car and then you don't want to drive into the night. After all, you enter a completely different world with a completely different driving experience. The overnight stay in Rovaniemi not only offers safety. There is also the chance to do an errand the next morning & possibly. (briefly) visit Santa Village. Keep in mind that it gets dark early again and the 260 KM ride. will demand all your attention.

Arrive at your Log Cabin
You will arrive at the Cabin with a first set of impressions. It will already be dark and orientation in the dark is a challenge. Take your time for everything and enjoy the evening and, if possible, the sauna straight away.

The Northern Lights are everywhere
Who knows, you might be 'received' by the northern lights when you get out on the first evening. We have been that lucky before. A very special extra when that happens. Take a good look around!

Experience the week
Your week starts with a Northern Lights safari with an experienced local guide. Furthermore, your week is packed with very fun activities. See the daily program.

Holmstock Travel: Travel with pleasure and come home with a smile!

Authentiek log-house cabin huren in Fins lapland in de winter met zicht op het noorderlicht, de Aurora Borealis. Boek je winter vakantie bij reisbureau Holmtock Travel

Authentic and atmospheric - LOG CABIN

This Log Cabin is equipped with all amenities: Bathroom with toilet, Sauna, Fireplace, TV, Wifi, free parking, stove, microwave, refrigerator, hairdryer.

Price includes the excursions below!

** Price indication : From € 2,375 per person based on a booking for two people. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .
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This log house cabin is very authentic. You have it all to yourself and you immediately feel at home in this wonderful environment. Built in a trapper style, you have the feeling of a cozy hunter's cabin in the deep woods, but you actually drive your car to the front door. On the way you did the shopping and filled your refrigerator. There's a good chance that it's colder outside than in that refrigerator :)

TIP : When you go shopping, buy some nice things, candles and something tasty for the late evening.

This location is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights . This also applies to the dancing Aurora Borealis. A phenomenon that we were able to witness exactly at that location. Grab your chance! In our opinion, one of the best places in the world to experience this.

Noorderlicht reis Finland met Aurora Borealis safari excursie vanaf Saarisalkä Finland met reisbureau Holmstock Travel


The first evening you go on a Northern Lights safari with a guide. Of course, you may see the Northern Lights on the drive to your Cabin or on the first evening of your stay, but who knows, that may not happen.

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The guide will be able to tell you a lot about the Aurora Borealis phenomenon, he knows it best. He also knows what to pay attention to and what conditions are favorable. He also knows the area very well and he will take you to the right places to optimally see and photograph the Aurora Borealis.
Northern Lights Photography : Your guide will help and advise you on photographing the Northern Lights. He is also happy to do his best to photograph you together with the Aurora Borealis.

Sneewscooter / Snowmobile safari Finland tijdens de Noorderlicht reis in Fins Lapland boek je bij Holmstock Travel reisbureau.

Snow mobile safari

An incredibly beautiful experience. Set off with your Snowmobile through the wintery landscape of Finnish Lapland. The machine makes the landscape accessible and thanks to locally experienced guides you will see fantastic landscapes.

Siide saami cultuur museum te Inari Fins Lapland - Bezoek dit museum tijdens uw reis Noorderlicht met log cabin dat u boekt bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel

Day trip Inari, Nellim

You will visit the world famous town of Inari. Not only tourists from all over the world stay here, the Finnish Saami also have their Parliament and their Siida culture museum here.

Thanks to the rental car you are particularly flexible. This is one of the big differences compared to an 'organized package trip to a Resort'. At your own pace to Inari for some shopping, groceries and a visit to the Siida culture museum . Afterwards you could continue to Nellim . That route is a bit more exciting because the terrain is a bit hillier. You decide for yourself whether this will be a suitable ride for you. There is a large resort in Nellim where you can go. you can use the restaurant and it is gradually becoming evening, so there is always a chance of seeing the Northern Lights here too.

rendieren safari excursie tijdens de noorderlicht reis log house cabin verblijf met Holmstock Travel reisbureau self drive vanaf Rovaniemi

Reindeer sled safari

You prepare a delicious private breakfast in your loghouse cabin and spend the morning at leisure. In the afternoon you go on safari with a reindeer sleigh.

Sledehondentocht met de husky slede of safari excursie in het winterse, finse, Lapland met reisbureau Holmstock Travel

Husky sleigh ride

Experience the energy of sled dogs. A 5KM winter sleigh ride and a great visit to the huskies is not a difficult but very enjoyable excursion.

Meet Santa in Rovaniemi - Noorderlicht reis naar Finland - Boek nu.

Santa Village Rovaniemi

Do it just like team Holmstock , here Linda & husky 'Moscow'. Visit Santa Claus at Santa Village in Rovaniemi . It depends a bit on how early you leave in the morning and how well you can drive to Rovaniemi, but if time permits this is an easily accessible and pleasant end to your visit to Finland.

Excursions are not always included, read per travel information and always per quote what exactly is and/or is not included in the trip you are going to book. The following is purely an overview of the available excursions and what is on site. The range of excursions available per location varies in type and implementation. We will inform you about this in detail in our quotation. If you have any special wishes, please let us know. we are happy to think along with you. The excursion prices below are always based on a minimum of 2 participants, price per person. The rates below refer to the Rovaniemi location and may differ in other locations. Subject to change, seasonal changes reserved.

Day program Northern Lights trip 'log cabin' Finland

Day 1 - Flight Amsterdam - Rovaniemi

You fly from Amsterdam to Rovaniemi where you arrive around 9:00 PM. Then you pick up the rental car at the airport and drive to the nearby Motelli Rovaniemi . Because it is only a relatively short stay here, we keep this location simple for the sake of costs, hence the choice of Motelli Rovaniemi. Easily accessible, easy parking, privacy and a sauna .

Day 2 - Rovaniemi - Saariselkä / 260 KM.

Thanks to the rental car you are now mobile and free in all your movements. You can choose to do a bit of ' Santa Village ' in the morning, but don't linger too long! Today you drive 260KM on icy and/or snowy roads. Drive slowly and above all enjoy the surroundings.
TIP: Also do an errand in the morning so that you can fill your refrigerator upon arrival. Think of Rovaniemi or Sodankylä .

Day 3 - Your Cabin & Northern Lights excursion with guide

In the morning you make your own breakfast and take the time to explore the neighborhood. In the afternoon it quickly gets dark and in the early evening you go on a Northern Lights excursion with an experienced local guide ( included )

Day 4 - Xtra long Snowmobile safari (6 hours)

After an early breakfast you will be rested and fit, ready for an extra long excursion with the snowmobile. (Included) The guide takes you into the winter landscape and with this excursion you reach remote areas that are not reached by the shorter excursions. Maximum chances to enjoy Arctic Finnish Lapland .
Including a soup lunch & hot drinks along the way. English speaking guide. Based on 2 persons per snow mob. Single use at an additional cost.

Day 5 - Excursion Inari - Siida & Nellim

You drive to Inari with your rental car. On the way you pass the town of Ivalo. Definitely a place to have a look around. Both Ivalo and Inari invite for shopping and/or a cup of coffee. In Inari there is, among other things: a fairly large, well-stocked souvenir shop.
North of Inari, just after crossing the Juutuanjoki River, you will find the Siida Saami Culture Museum. After visiting the museum you could continue to the hamlet of Nellim. There is a large resort there where you can possibly stay. could use the restaurant. Here you can also visit the famous wooden church of Nellim.
In this remote place you have good chances of seeing the Northern Lights, but keep in mind that driving here requires extra attention and that the route to Nellim is not too easy. Also keep in mind that you still have to go all the way back to your cabin. You may not be 'back' until very late if you also choose to drive to Nellim.

Day 6 - Safari with the Reindeer Sled

Maybe it would be nice to sleep in a bit and start the day quietly after yesterday's long day. This afternoon you will enjoy a pleasant excursion . The guide takes you to a reindeer farm and from that farm you go on safari with the reindeer sled .

Day 7 - Meet the Huskies

Today the guide will take you to a nearby husky farm. Nice to chat with those cheerful guys and absorb some knowledge about mushing. You will go on a 5KM dog sled ride to experience what it is like to slide through the snow with a team of huskies.

Day 8 - Saariselkä - Rovaniemi / 260 KM

You get up as early as possible to make the drive to Rovaniemi as relaxed as possible. If time permits upon arrival in Rovaniemi, you could make a short visit to the Santa Village . You return the rental car at the airport and fly to Amsterdam with a lot of impressions. We hope everything was to your liking because our motto is and remains: Coming home with a smile.

Noorderlicht reis Finland Lapland boeken. Rovaniemi, Saariselkä, Ivalo, Inari, Nellim. Fly-drive

Interactive: Route & Locations

Follow the location dots, click on them and see the route you are going to drive. No line on a card. Here you can actively zoom in and out.

CLICK HERE to open the map

  • Steek de Arctic Circle over op de locatie van Santa Village Rovaniemi in Finland tijdens onze Noorderlicht reis.

    Cross the Arctic Circle

    Crossing the magical Arctic Circle at the location of Santa Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. Also part of the Northern Lights trip that you make with Holmstock Travel. In Santa Village you can also pay special attention to it and enjoy it extra.

  • Rendiervlees, Rendier, Rendier souveniers, Rendier snacks - Het rendier is in Fins Lapland voor van alles te gebruiken.

    Reindeer as a snack

    You may know it as Jerky Beef, the snack of dried, often smoked meat. In Scandinavia you can take dried reindeer meat with you as a delicious snack on an excursion. A hearty snack is often very welcome in the winter cold. Also try a delicious steak or 'grit' somewhere.

  • Vakantie Finland Rovaniemi Santa Village Christmas Winter Noorderlichtreis met Holmstock Travel

    Meeting Santa - Yes we did :)

    Santa Village Rovaniemi. It's great fun there. You get completely absorbed in it. Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas. Santa Claus and the elves, the reindeer and their sleigh, snow and, if all goes well, Northern Lights in the sky. How romantic can you imagine?!

  • Included / included

    • Flight Amsterdam-Rovaniemi, most favorable rate, excl. checked baggage, excl. €29.95 booking fee per booking.
    • Airport taxes and taxes
    • Stay in the mentioned hotel accommodation(s) including breakfast
    • 1 night in Chalet Motelli Rovaniemi incl. private kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, flat screen TV, terrace, coffee maker and sauna, 2 single beds plus a sofa bed.
    • Rental car model VW Polo or similar
    • 6 nights in a log cabin in Lapland with two bedrooms and a sleeping loft, refrigerator, stove, microwave, hairdryer, free WIFI, free parking, electric sauna, shower, fireplace or wood stove, TV and toilet.
    • Aurora Borealis tour with guide
    • Full day snowmobile adventure
    • Husky experience tour 10KM incl. lunch
    • Reindeer Aurora Safari, 15KM
    • Flight Rovaniemi-Amsterdam, most favorable rate, excl. checked baggage, excl. €29.95 booking fee per booking.
  • Exclusive / not included

    • Contribution to the VZR Guarantee Fund, 1% of the total travel sum
    • Travel and cancellation insurance(s)
    • Meals, if not specifically mentioned
    • Refreshments, (soft) drinks and personal expenses
    • €25 reservation fee per booking or per adjustment of a booking
    • Deposit payment for the rental car
    • Fuel for the rental car
    • Entrance fees to the Siida Museum and/or other museums or visitor attractions

  • Extras

    • tips
    • pocket money for personal expenses and purchases
    • excursions or attractions not mentioned

Travel conditions Northern Lights trip 'Log Cabin'


There are no special wishes ! Because every wish is very normal.
Ask us what your heart desires and we will consult with you and get to work for you. Let us know!

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