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Husky sledding tour

Locomotion and transport through the winter Arctic taiga in Lapland in the manner of the wilderness pioneers.
The dog sled was and still is a very important means of transportation for many people.

Experience this pure way of moving in the winter landscapes of Finnish Lapland.

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From means of transport to cultural symbol

Mushing or dog driving has a long history. The origins may lie in Russia , where they date back to several centuries ago, when indigenous peoples from the Arctic region used sled dogs for transport and hunting. Today, dog driving remains a popular activity in certain parts of Russia, especially in Siberia and the Far North.

In Siberia, where the climate is harsh and the terrain is vast and snow-covered, dog driving is still a practical form of transportation in some remote areas. Traditional sled dogs such as the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute are often used to pull sleds. These dogs are well adapted to cold weather and can travel long distances efficiently.

Greenland , an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark, is another place where dog driving is deeply rooted in Inuit culture . The Inuit have used dog sleds for centuries to travel across the vast ice plains of Greenland.

Dog driving, or "qamutik" as it is called in Greenlandic, has traditionally been an essential form of transportation for hunting, fishing and general travel in the Arctic environment. Greenland sled dogs are a unique breed, known for their strength, endurance and ability to withstand extreme cold .

  • huskysafari fins lapland boven de poolcircel in de stilte van het arctische bos. Boek je winter avontuur bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel
  • Met je team sledehonden door de winterse bossen van Fins Lapland. Over de Taiga met de husky.

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