• De Uspenski Cathedraal te Helsinki is de grootste orthodoxe kerk buiten Rusland. Bezoek het tijdens de autorondreis Finland met reisbureau Holmstock Travel
  • Vakantiehuizen in Finland zijn vaak loghouse cottages gelegen aan een meer in de vrije natuur. Ontspan op vakantie in Finland. Boek je autorondreis bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel voor een gunstige prijs.
  • Een veerboot boeken met korting - vraag naar de prijs van de overtocht Trelleborg Duitsland naar Helsinki Finland bij Reisbureau Holmstock Travel
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Southern Finland, Savonlinna
13 days, Self-drive tour

Book exactly like this - or do you have other wishes? Let us know.
Can also be booked as a fly-drive or as a group tour with a guide.

A beautiful trip with lots of variety.

Southern Finland has a lot to offer. In addition to the beautiful cities and villages, the unique nature there is also an exceptional attraction. With this trip you can literally and figuratively 'taste' Southern Finland.

Exceptional excursions, mushroom hunting and pure luxury...

we combine authentic Finnish simplicity with the special luxury of haute cuisine. We combine deep breathing of pure forest air with taking in the luxury of a spa.

We can make this trip shorter or longer in consultation, all in good consultation. You are in charge of your holiday and we will help you organize it in the most pleasant way. Every proposal has what we call 'honest days'. After all, you are leaving from home and not somewhere from 'Copenhagen' or something like that. We describe the entire journey, which just seems so complete and honest to us.

  • Bezoek het Saimaa meren gebied noorderlijk van Helsinki, in de region Savonlinna. Hier tref je ook de van uitsterven bedreigde zeehondensoort Saima ringed seal (pusa hispida saimensis) tegen tijdens een excursie safari. Boek je reis met Holmstock Travel reisbureau.

    Only 400 Saima seals worldwide

  • De in Zuid-Finland levende Saimaa zeehond is te bewonderen tijdens een safari excursie. Reis mee op deze autorondreis naar de Savonlinna Regio in Finland met reisbureau Holmstock Travel. Boek nu voor Zomer of Winter, voorjaar of najaar.

    The most endangered species in the world

  • Zeehondensafari per boot over het Saimaa meer. Het finse meer Saimaa is voor deze zeehondensoort een unieke habitat.

    Isolated existence since the last ice age

The structure & approach of this trip

You want to get to know Finland and travel part of the country with your own car. We introduce you to the country of Finland, the capital Helsinki, the Saimaa lake area in the Savonlinna region and you go on wonderful excursions. What you will take with you is a special package of impressions of this beautiful part of southern Finland. You don't drive very many kilometers, but you see a lot. Come with me!

Cruising from Germany to Finland - switch off
Once you are on board the luxury ferry, it is time to switch off. Take a break and enjoy the views of the sea, take a nap or look for entertainment on board.

Arrive in Helsinki
You arrive in Helsinki not too late in the day. Great time to use the day in the city and explore the sights. In the evening, enjoy a delicious dinner, stroll or visit a bar.

From picking in the forest to an 8-course menu
Be surprised by the wonderful program that takes you to collect mushrooms in an authentic way. Be surprised! You are going to enjoy this immensely. Nature, the region and the hotel.

Seal safari, horse riding or fat biking
These super fun activities are on the program and/or available for selection. You decide how active your holiday in Finland will be. Depending on the time of year, we will look together to see what best fits into your holiday planning. Our excursions and safaris are all great fun. Our experienced guides are at your disposal and they ensure that you always have a great experience.

Holmstock Travel: Travel with pleasure and come home with a smile!

Bezoek de witte cathedraal van Helsinki, ga shoppen in de stad, bezoek de gamla stan of de Uspenski Cathedraal. Helsinki is een wereldstad en je ontmoet er mensen uit heel de wereld. Geniet van de parken of van het nationaal museaum. Hotel Solo Sokos wacht op je met een fraaie kamer en een heerlijk scandinavisch ontbijt.

The White Cathedral of Helsinki

In Helsinki you will stay in the very centrally located Solo Sokos Hotel. The city is at your feet.

Price: Hotel including breakfast

** Price indication : From € 2,300 per person based on a booking for two people. Prices, locations and options depend on the travel period and availability and may therefore differ. Everything is on request. Request a proposal without obligation! See also the specific conditions for this trip .
Feel like leaving? - book now

This is where your Finland adventure begins. Helsinki welcomes you with open arms. People from all over the world travel great distances to see it all. Beautiful architecture, special cathedrals, a wonderfully cozy center, beautiful parks, the National Finnish Museum, shopping in the design district, the UNESCO world heritage site Suomenlinna, the Korkeasaari Zoo or enjoy Finnish delicacies in a bar or on a terrace.

LUOVUUS KUKKII KAAOKSESTA : Not a difficult word to remember, right?!
Well, do it anyway because then you will immediately know one of the best 'casual dining' restaurants in Helsinki.

Finnish is of course a language with many secrets for us. This ancient language is really indecipherable, we just have to admit that. Adventurous, we always say and take it with a smile. However, your English language or a little German will go a long way in Finland.

Hotel en paddenstoelen experience met Saimi Hoyer in Punkaharju Finland. Een verrassend interessanten en leuke experience die uitmondt in een heerlijke maaltijd. Een 8-gangen menu staat voor u klaar. Boek uw reis naar Finland met reisbureau Holmstock Travel

Hotel of a VOGUE super-model

When I tell you about the Finnish 'mushroom queen' you might think of a small, nasty, witchy old woman wandering through the shadowy forest with her basket. If you have read the books by the Brothers Grimm, this would not be a strange image, but...

join / request a quote

..no , we take you to a real world star of fashion who has previously appeared in Vogue and Marie-Claire as a Super Model. Saimi Hoyer has left a special career in the fashion and design world behind her and is now known in Finland and the wider world as the 'mushroom queen'. You will stay in her beautiful hotel in Punkaharju and go on a special mushroom picking experience. Also included is an 8-course menu that chef Mikko Lahtinen prepares for you.

For two evenings you can use the sauna and hot tub and enjoy a refreshing swim in Lake Saimaa.

The Saimaa Lakes

The Finnish Lake Saimaa is very large. The largest lake in Finland. The Dutch Friesland is 4,002 square kilometers, Lake Saimaa has 4,279 square kilometers. So that is one entire Dutch province, only clean, clear water. Surrounded by beautiful green forests and many charming cities, towns and villages. Saimaa Savonlinna has a lot to offer!

Huur in Finland een loghouse aan het meer met houtgestookte sauna, bbq en roeiboot. Reisbureau Holmstock Travel stelt de reis voor u samen.

Finnish Loghouse

Freedom, tranquility, romance and a wonderful experience of nature. The quietly located Finnish loghouse is located on its own beach. Your private sauna is also located on this beach. How wonderful is that?! After the sauna, take a refreshing dip and light the open fire for fun.

Also visit the beautiful town of Savonlinna . The central point in this Saimaa lake area. Savonlinna offers many fun and interesting sights. There is a wide range of culture, art, crafts, music and theater. Tip : Explore the lake area with the steamship S/S Punkaharju. An hour and a half sailing in the region on this historic, steam-powered ship, truly special.

Cool Fatbike excursion

While you stay in your loghouse you will have plenty of time to participate in fun excursions in the Saimaa Lake area . On land, along the coast or on the water. Will you opt for a very cool fat bike trip through the nature reserve, will you go horse riding or will you go fishing?

These excursions are not included in the price because we like to leave you free to choose.
Fins gebak en finse koffie - culinair en traditioneel genieten op vakantie in Finland. Boek nu je finlandreis als autorondreis met reisbureau Holmstock Travel.

Finnish coffee and pastries

The Finns are the European champions in coffee drinking. Some Finns eat as many as 30 containers a day. It is of course obvious that you will want something tasty with a cup of coffee. The variations of coffee you will encounter are very wide. From deliciously fresh, aromatic containers to the 'I simmer until I'm dry' pots from which you can pour yourself. You can find it everywhere and nowhere or you can cook it yourself, on a fire in the forest.

Bezoek het pittoreske plaatsje Porvoo in Finland en overnacht in het statige Haikko Manor Spa Hotel om de volgende ochtend goed uitgeslapen naar Helsinki te kunnen rijden. Boek nu.

Porvoo Spa Hotel

On the way back to Helsinki you will pass the very nice town of Porvoo. Take the time to visit Porvoo . Browse the shops or visit the chocolate factory, Porvoo has a lot to offer. You will sleep in the luxurious Haikko Manor Hotel & Spa . Access to the wonderful spa is included !

Excursions are not always included, read per travel information and always per quote what exactly is and/or is not included in the trip you are going to book. The following is purely an overview of the available excursions and what is on site. The range of excursions available per location varies in type and implementation. We will inform you about this in detail in our quotation. If you have any special wishes, please let us know. we are happy to think along with you. The excursion prices below are always based on a minimum of 2 participants, price per person. The rates below refer to the Savonlinna region and may differ in other locations. Subject to change, seasonal changes reserved.

Day program Car tour Savonlinna

Day 1 - On the way to Travemünde

You leave from home and head to Travemünde . You drive a part of the Netherlands and a part of the German highway. Pay close attention to the times. Your ferry leaves at 2:00 AM. You must have checked in 1 hour before departure. Our advice is to arrive at the port around midnight . You will have to orient yourself to find the right lane. You could possibly spend the last hours in the town of Travemünde itself. Then you will always be at the port on time.

Day 2 - Ferry Travemünde (Germany) - Helsinki (Finland)

When day 1 is over, i.e. immediately after midnight, you are in line for the ferry . This leaves at 2:00 am. That may take some time, but once you're on board, your holiday really begins. You stay in an outdoor cabin with a view of the sea, you sleep wonderfully, have breakfast and enjoy the day at sea. Including on-board meals: Brunch, Breakfast & Superior Dinner.

Day 3 - Helsinki Finland

The ferry will dock in Helsinki Finland around 10:00 am. You will be welcomed at the Solos Sokos Hotel in the center of Helsinki. Nicely centrally located, this is your base for exploring Helsinki. You can organize your day and evening in Helsinki according to your own wishes.

Day 4 - Helsinki - Punkaharju / 350 KM. - Mushroom experience day 1

Get up early today and enjoy your first Scandinavian breakfast on land. Our advice is to leave around 9am because you are going 350 KM. drive towards Punkaharju. In any case, make sure that you arrive at the Saima Hoyer Hotel in Punkaharju no later than 2:00 PM for your check-in. At 3:00 PM you will register for the 2-day mushroom experience. There will be an introduction and drinks at 4:00 PM. At 4:30 PM a short excursion along the Esker. Between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM Sauna & hot tub - men and women separated. From 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM 3-course dinner in Punkaharju restaurant

Day 5 - Punkaharju - Mushroom experience day 2

After a wonderful night in the hotel, breakfast is ready for you from 8:00 am.
Your mushroom picking experience starts at 11:00 am. Incl. transport to the location.
At 2:00 PM there is lunch and coffee. The mushrooms found are professionally identified, exhibited and discussed with the expert.
From 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM sauna and hot tub , men and women separated.
From 7:30 PM there is an 8-course mushroom dinner in Punkaharju restaurant.

Day 6 - Punkaharju - Savonlinna - Log Cabin / 99 KM.

You wake up in the Punkaharju hotel and enjoy another delicious breakfast . Then you drive by car to the town of Savonlinna . You can take an excursion without obligation, we will give you some tips about this when booking. Savonlinna has a lot to offer . It is also useful to do an errand in Savonlinna for the day ahead. In the Log Cabin you provide your own breakfast, meals, drinks and snacks. Then you can enjoy the beautiful route to your cabin.

Day 7 - Free day in the Cabin

Perhaps you would like to spend a wonderful day enjoying the location, sleeping in, making your own breakfast, the log cabin, your own sauna and the lake. It is also fun to explore the area. We leave you completely free today.

Day 8 - Seal Safari / 135KM.

Today we got up nice and early, had a quick breakfast at 8:00 am and off we went. You will drive 135KM in a northerly direction towards Oravi . Along the way you could also stop for a sandwich and coffee in Savonlinna. You are expected to report at 12:00 noon at the port of Oravi for the seal safari . Here you will receive a life jacket, rain gear if necessary, binoculars and coffee. This exact excursion can only be booked in May. There are also alternatives, all in consultation. Back from the seal safari, you can explore the area around Oravi at your leisure or do something on your own in Savonlinna. There are also quite a few nice eateries there for an evening meal. If you want to keep things a bit simpler, you can always choose to have a nice BBQ at your log cabin.

Day 9 - Activities of your choice

There are so many fun things to do in the region. How about a cool tour with the fat bike ? Or will you possibly go subboarding , horse riding or rent a boat for fishing ? We are happy to present all options for your consideration. Today's excursions are at your own discretion and are not included in this trip.

Day 10 - From your cabin to Porvoo

Get up nice and early and make one more coffee in your log cabin, we will do the cleaning after your departure while you drive towards Porvoo . Porvoo is a picturesque harbor town. A real pearl by the sea . Take into account more than 3 hours of driving before you arrive in Porvoo. You will spend the night in the beautiful Haikko Manor & Spa Hotel and access to the Spa is included!

Day 11 - Porvoo - Helsinki - Ferry

After a delicious luxurious breakfast in the Manor, it is time to drive towards Helsinki . A short stretch, so wonderfully relaxing. Today the ferry leaves for Germany at 3:00 PM. Make sure you are at the port no later than 2:00 PM to check in.

Day 12 - At sea

Now it is wonderful to enjoy it on board and chat about what you have experienced. The Finnlines sails towards Travemünde and arrives in the port around 9:00 PM. Because we don't like to send you on the road in the evening, we book the Maritime Hotel Travemünde for you, so that you can spend the night.

Day 13 - Travemünde beach - drive home

Slept well and after a good breakfast you can stretch your legs on the German beach with a view of the Trave where you can admire the passing shipping beautifully. You will then set off well rested and prepared and arrive home at a reasonable time .

Autovakantie Finland - Autorondreis - Groepsreis naar finland. Het finse merengebied, Savonlinna. Helsinki, Porvoo, Imatra

Interactive: Route & Locations

Follow the location dots, click on them and see the route you are going to drive. No line on a card. Here you can actively zoom in and out.

CLICK HERE to open the map

  • Voor je activiteiten spullen huren in Finland. Zoals hier de huur van Sub-boards in Porvoo aan de zuid-finse kust.

    Rent a subboard and get on the water

    You can rent a sub-board at various locations. Suitable for beginners and advanced users, subbing is extremely popular today. Like here in the town of Porvoo, you not only use the board, but you quickly put together your own excursion 'so to speak'

  • Fishing from the boat if necessary. with guide

    Both the large Finnish lakes such as Lake Saimaa and the southern skerries on the coast of the Gulf of Finland invite you to go fishing. This is really spectacular with a highly motorized fishing boat with a guide. Perhaps also fun for your partner.

  • Cantharellen - in het fins: kantarelli - zijn paddenstoelen met een trompet achtige vorm. Meestal goud-geel tot oranje. Hun aroma is peper achtig en fruitig. Ze zijn een delicatesse in Finland en Zweden.

    Picking and identifying chanterelles

    Thanks to a professional guide, you will find and pick the right mushrooms. The mushroom in the photo here is not a chanterelle and should therefore not be in your dish. We go into the woods together and afterwards we analyze and select the finds together.

  • Boek de overtocht met de ferry van Duitsland Travemünde naar Finland Helsinki bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel voor een faire prijs. Ga mee op vakantie.

    Enjoy the ferry to Finland

    Thanks to Finnlines' modern ferries, your crossing to Finland is also a pleasant part of your holiday. Not only the views of the sea, but also the entertainment on board, the delicious breakfast and the well-prepared dinners are delicious. Finland is getting closer.

  • Kano varen in Finland op de finse meren zoals het Saimaa meer. Een kano huren of meegaan op een excursie of experience. Boek je verblijf en je kano bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel en ga mee op vakantie. Alles voor een faire prijs.

    Canoeing on the Finnish lakes

    Lake Saimaa in the Savonlinna region invites you to enjoy the water. If you choose to seek peace and quiet on one of the countless small islands or go on an excursion in a group, you are completely free to do so. If you want to travel longer distances, choose a kayak.

  • Runeberg torttu gemaakt voor de dichter Johan Ludvig Runeberg - een finse nationale delicatesse die je in veel bakkerijen en supermarkten in finland gaat tegenkomen. Geniet ervan met een finse kop koffie of thee.

    Getting to know special dishes

    Finnish culture has many culinary peculiarities that we will encounter. Different bread, different dishes. Ingredients and spices that we may know but not use very often. Special fun things like this pastry. The Runeberg cake, for coffee.

  • Included / included

    • Finnlines ferry crossing Travemünde-Helsinki, based on 2 persons, 1 passenger car, 2 persons. outside cabin
    • Breakfast, brunch and superior dinner on board
    • 1 night in hotel Solos Sokos Helsinki center in a double room incl. breakfast
    • 2 nights in hotel Punkaharju incl. breakfast
    • Mushroom introduction on day 1 in Punkaharju incl. drinks in the hotel lounge
    • short excursion to the esker in Punkaharju
    • use of the sauna and hot tub in hotel Punkaharju
    • 3-course menu on the 1st day in Punkaharju
    • transfer to the mushroom forest
    • mushroom picking excursion, 2-3 hours.
    • lunch and coffee on day 2 in the hotel including identifying mushrooms, exhibiting mushrooms and talking to the specialist
    • 8-course mushroom dinner in Punkaharju restaurant by Chef Mikko Lahtinen on the 2nd day in Punkaharju
    • 2x breakfast in hotel Punkaharju
    • 4 nights in a Finnish loghouse incl. well-equipped kitchen. Wood-fired sauna on the beach (also for washing). BBQ, outdoor seating, jetty and private rowing boat
    • Seal safari on Lake Saimaa
    • 1 night at Haikko Hotel Manor & Spa in a standard double room, incl. breakfast
    • Use of the Spa for 2 persons
    • Finnlines ferry crossing Helsinki-Travemünde, based on 2 persons, 1 passenger car, 2 persons. outside cabin
    • Breakfast, brunch and superior dinner on board
    • 1 overnight stay at the Travemünde Maritime Hotel incl. breakfast
  • Exclusive / not included

    • Contribution to the VZR Guarantee Fund, 1% of the total travel price
    • Travel and cancellation insurance(s)
    • Meals, if not specifically mentioned
    • Refreshments, (soft) drinks and personal expenses
    • €25 reservation fee per booking or per adjustment of a booking
    • Fuel
    • Rental car if applicable
    • Rental of fat bike, boat, horse, subboard or other means
  • Extras

    • tips
    • pocket money for personal expenses and purchases
    • excursions or attractions not mentioned

Travel conditions Car tour Savonlinna Southern Finland

There are no special wishes ! Because every wish is very normal.
Ask us what your heart desires and we will consult with you and get to work for you. Let us know!

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