The importance of sustainability

As a travel provider, we are committed to promoting responsible tourism in the beautiful destinations of Sweden and Finland in particular. Our goal is to introduce travelers to the breathtaking nature, rich cultures and unique experiences these countries have to offer, while making a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

Log cabin vakantie verblijf in Hossa Kainuun Finland. Eenvoudige loghouse locatie aan het meer en dicht bij de natuur. Verblijf in een traditionele hut tijdens uw reis naar Finland. Boek je verblijf bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel.


In collaboration with carefully selected partners, we strive to offer trips that meet high sustainability standards. We prefer small-scale accommodations that are ecologically responsible and have a minimal ecological footprint. These accommodations are often owned and operated by local residents, meaning revenues directly benefit the communities we visit.

De finse taiga. Deze natuurlijke regio ligt tussen het arctische gebied en het boreale bos. Een overgang alwaar je de boompjes alsmaar kleiner ziet worden.


Our itineraries have been carefully designed to explore the beautiful natural areas while respecting the local ecosystems. We encourage active forms of travel, such as cycling and walking, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring travelers into close contact with the natural beauty of the destinations.

Duurzaam toerisme met respect voor de locale cultuur en traditie. Saami Lapland.


During our travels, we are committed to supporting indigenous cultures, such as the Sami people, and preserving their traditional way of life. We teach our travelers about the cultural values ​​and customs, and we ask them to be respectful visitors, taking into account local traditions.


In addition, we strive to raise awareness among our travelers about the fragility of the natural environments we visit, and we encourage them to minimize waste, conserve water and energy, and approach wildlife with respect.

Our ultimate goal is to leave a positive and lasting impression on both travelers and the destinations visited. We believe that by putting sustainability at the heart of our business, we can help preserve the extraordinary beauty of the countries and regions we work with for future generations. Together with our travelers, we strive to enjoy unforgettable experiences, making a difference to the environment and local communities.