Bear Safari Finland

That magical moment when that big brown bear is so close and you can hear it breathing and smacking. Hurry to touch so close.

Thanks to our experienced guides and the clever position of the shelters, it was all so close that we were even able to record the photos and film here on this page with our mobile phones.

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Finland Bear Safari - meet the bears up close

Spotting brown bears. On safari in eastern Finland.

The brown bear is a very shy and cautious creature. Yes, it is true that they also roam the country in both Sweden and Finland , but it is purely a matter of chance, luck or - in the worst case - a matter of terrible bad luck if you see them somewhere in the country, in the woods, encounters. Because the brown bear is very fond of its peace and quiet, it is much nicer for both parties to 'meet' in an organized setting and as a visitor to always adhere to well-communicated rules of conduct. This way you can assume that it will be a pleasant encounter for people and animals.

In Finland we have found the perfect setting for an encounter with the brown bear. A bear safari in the silent forests of Kainuun Finland, close to the Russian border.

We first received a very personal introduction at a fairly remote but very cozy location. We work in very small groups. That makes it cozy and pleasant. The atmosphere is relaxed and the local team is very humble and very friendly. That immediately gave us a warm feeling and it gives us peace of mind.

After the introduction, you and the guide take a short car ride to the dropping spot where you get out of the car knowing that it is 'teeming' with brown bears. From now on you are no longer allowed to speak out loud and you must walk as quietly as possible to the shelters that are spread out in the forest. Just in front of the so-called front door of one of the 'hides' I see a huge bear poo. Hmmmm...

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  • Wij gaan beren spotten. Op weg naar het gebied waar de bruine beren te zien zijn. Erg eenzaam bosgebied alwaar het wemelt van de bruine beren. Ga jij met ons mee? Durf jij de uitdaging om bruine beren te gaan spotten in Finland aan? Holmstock Travel biedt je deze reis als self-drive, groepsreis of excursie aan.
  • Perfect gepositioneerde hides maken de beren safari veilig en leuk. Hier in het Finse bos, dicht bij de Russische grens staan de hides die je een close encounter met de bruine beer mogelijk maken. Reis en boek bij Holmstock Travel.
  • Beren spotten op de Bear Safari in Finland / Rusland - Bear poop. Poep van de beer voor de deur van onze hide. Boek je berensafari Finland reis bij Holmstock Travel.

Traditionally set up hides, deep in the Finnish forest

Wat een super leuke dag! De excursie beren safari in Finland was voor Linda een top-dag die ze nooit meer zal vergeten. Echt geweldig zei ze zelf. Een echte aanrader. Thumbs up! Beren spotten is gewelidig.

A Bear Cinema!

.. that was Linda's spontaneous reaction. It went on and on! Bears from all sides and what a spectacle. 'How lucky I was today'. Linda's video here at the top of the page says it all, of course. So much bear emotion and so close.

The narrow windows of the hide, the darkness in the hide, it really gives you a cinema feeling with the main actors in the flesh. Really beautiful!

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