Northern Lights Travel 2023 / 2024

Northern Lights Travel to Finland and Sweden. Visit Lapland in winter and experience what it is like to spot and see the Northern Lights. Book your trip as a fly-drive , self-drive or participate in one of our group trips . Our group trips are always with small groups. You can always register on one of our participant lists. As soon as we have at least 4 people for a group trip, it is guaranteed to take place.

Unique Northern Lights trips. Self-drive, fly-drive or as a group trip.

With us you can book high-quality trips that have been put together in a traditional manner, with the greatest care. If you have any questions about the Northern Lights or a related trip, please contact us . We are happy to share our enthusiasm!

Aurora Borealis Noorderlicht reizen 2023 2024 boeken bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel - Bij ons ben je zeker van een geweldige vakantie in de finse en zweedse winter.

Aurora Borealis

Enjoy seeing the Northern Lights on one of our Northern Lights trips. In a fancy word: The Aurora Borealis . In 2023 or 2024, join one of our trips to Finland or Sweden to the winter region of Lapland.

Seeing the Northern Lights in Finland

Northern lights travel Lapland

Lapland is not a country but a region. Or rather, an area mapped by cultural habitats of the 'Lapps'. Because the 'Lapps' live there, the area has been given the name Lapland. The fact that you are in Lapland does not necessarily mean that you always have a chance of seeing the Northern Lights . Lapland also runs quite far south in Sweden. In Finland and Russia, on the other hand, this area extends quite north. For this reason, many of us know the northern regions of both Sweden and Finland as 'Lapland'.

Northern Lights travel Finland in Resort

Finland travel

Finland is an excellent country to see the Northern Lights. There is little or even no so-called light pollution in the sky. Especially in the far north of Finland you have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights during your trip.

Northern Lights trip Finland / Lapland

Northern Lights trip - Aurora Photography

Photographing the Northern Lights ... that is certainly a profession in itself if you really want to do it well. We do not want to deny that. However, we would also like to reassure you immediately. In principle, photographing the Northern Lights is no longer difficult at all . To show you this, we only show photos on this page that we took with our mobile phone, simply by hand. Yes, a tripod and a real camera certainly do a better job. But it is safe to say that it is possible for everyone to successfully take beautiful photos during and from your Northern Lights trip. Nice is not it!

Northern lights travel Finland, log cabin

  • Noorderlicht reis boeken - Winter 2023 of Voorjaar 2024 - Finland, Zweden, Lapland. Aurora Borealis bucket list item doen. Boek nu!
  • Noorderlicht Jagen samen met je gids van Holmstock Travel. Noorderlicht safari in Fins Lapland of Zweeds Lapland. Ga mee op een spannende reis in de winter.

Northern Lights trip - Santa Claus Village

See the Northern Lights AND visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi Finland where you will not only meet Santa Claus in the Finnish winter but where you can also see his elves hard at work at the post office. Take a reindeer sled or motor sled ride, go on a short husky safari or visit Rovaniemi for shopping. For example, you can book it as a smooth fly-drive holiday with your children.

Northern Lights + Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi 2023 / 2024

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