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Nice to meet you !
We are Linda, Patrick and siberian husky “Moscow”

We are an entrepreneurial couple and we have been commercially active since 1992. We did not come into this subject in a scholastic way. For us, it is practice that taught us at a certain point to realize that we were actually already spending most of our time traveling (for work).
That we were continuously coming up with solutions in Scandinavia when it comes to accommodation and transport and were told by more and more people “I wish I could do what you do there”.

Well, ... that's possible! If we share our experience and knowledge with you and we open up with the information and tips we have collected on more than 150,000 self-driven KMs in Scandinavia in summer and winter.

Holmstock BV is a company registered in the Netherlands with the main aim of realizing travel and contact with Scandinavia. In 2010 we sat in the SAS plane on the plane in Stockholm waiting quite a long time for the OK to start the flight. While chatting and having fun about what we had seen in Stockholm, 'Stockholm' was transformed into 'Holmstock'. We reserved that URL as .com at the time and now, 12 years later, recorded it as a company name in the form of Holmstock BV

Holmstock is also a family name in Sweden, just like 'De Groot' or 'Kornelissen' in the Netherlands, but we as a company have no relationship with that. For us it's purely a play on words. Nice is not it !?

We were introduced to Scandinavia for the first time in 2003. You can say that we immediately lost our hearts and the spark was immediately ignited. The Scandinavia virus is really addictive for many people and many follow their hearts in that direction. For some it is a holiday and for others it is even a 'me-departure'. With us it is more of a combination of business and private. Travel and work.

We can hardly count the number of times we have already seen the Northern Lights . We can say that the very first moment is 'engraved in our memory' & that we are amazed every time at the appearance(s) of the Aurora Borealis.

In short, we have driven a lot of kilometers ourselves and spent a lot of time in the Scandinavian countries. A large number of the photos on this site were taken by ourselves .

We help you discover and experience Scandinavia based on our passion . Both with your own car or as a group trip with guide and organized transport.
The trips we offer are completely tailor-made, the so-called package trips are offered from a beautiful basic concept and, in joint consultation, shaped into the shape you want by, among other things, adding options.

You travel in luxury and with all amenities or you go off-grid with us and that means that you are open to letting go of 'western luxury'. Everything in good consultation .

Our motto:


Travel agency travels Scandinavia, Finland, Sweden, Aland and the Baltic states. Our motto: Travel with pleasure and come home with a smile