Nieuw Logo voor Holmstock Travel

New Logo for Holmstock Travel

The brown bear has inspired us enormously and spotting the bears in Finland was the icing on the cake for us in terms of experiencing wildlife in Scandinavia. Of course they are not always sweethearts, but the bear also has many positive sides. They are actually shy animals, those brown bears.

The peace and strength, the often beautiful coat and their special appearance. We just couldn't ignore it. We also want to be strong, very strong, as a good partner for our customers. With an eye for nature and of course with a big nod to one of our most beautiful activities: The bear safari .

In any case, we are very happy with the end result, which was partly achieved by our advertising partner NLprinters.

Bears Logo of Holmstock Travel - Your travel agency for Scandinavia and the Baltic States

NLprinters not only took care of the logo. They also take care of our website and printing . An excellent party and we are happy with the good support.

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