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Many of our customers travel with their private vehicle and this is often a passenger car, a van and sometimes also a camper. Traveling in an off-road 4x4 vehicle to interesting destinations is a very special and often impressive way to travel.

Holmstock Travel has experience with 4x4 driving, partly because we often travel on slippery roads and often difficult ice roads in the Scandinavian winters . Especially for the interest group 4x4 overlanding, greenlanding and for 'real' off-road work, we work with specialist teams and guides who can provide maximum support and safety.

You can book 4x4 off-road trips for Scandinavia, Baltic States, EU and Russia with Holmstock Travel

We recently visited the Bushtaxi Offroad Fair. An event where the focus is specifically on the Toyota 4x4 topic. The ideal place to meet with some specialists. We always travel with a 4x4 vehicle when we prepare trips for our customers.

4x4 off-road travel to Scandinavia, Baltic States, EU countries or possibly. Russia.
Ask about the options, we offer these trips purely 'tailor-made'.

We drive normal group trips with normal 4x2 vans unless the group trip includes a route section that requires the use of 4x4 vehicles.

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