Duitsland - Het aantrekkelijke buurland

Germany - The attractive neighboring country

When you talk about holidays in Scandinavia, then Germany is of course the transit country where - with a bit of luck - you can easily take the Autobahn to drive to the far north. But of course Germany has a lot more to offer, and many of you know that all too well.

For us, Germany is also the country we return to after hard work in Scandinavia, the region where we try so hard to put together and realize wonderful trips for our customers. Then Germany is also the country where we enjoy a snack and a drink after a long drive. Cool down in the Summer or warm up in the Winter :)

Holiday destination Germany - Good food, cheap fuel, Autobahn driving and the ports of Travemünde, Rostock and Fehmarn

Germany is of course also:

- (often) cheaper to refuel with diesel or petrol
- (usually) get along nice and smoothly on the Autobahn
- arrive at the port and board the ferry to Sweden or Finland
- tasty and cheap food in a restaurant
- visit Aldi or Lidl before you leave the country
- use up the individual Euros before they are in your pocket for weeks
- stop at the drugstore because you forgot the ...
..... and

Often Germany is already the holiday destination and you don't have to go to Scandinavia at all. And then you can also book your trip with Holmstock Travel.

You ask, we arrange!

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