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Travel and plant trees for a better world

At Holmstock Travel we strive not only to provide unforgettable travel experiences, but also to create a positive impact on the environment . For every trip you book with us, we plant two trees through Trees for All – one in the Netherlands and one abroad. This initiative not only helps combat climate change and CO2 reduction, but also contributes to the recovery of Dutch forests and supports biodiversity worldwide. By choosing Holmstock Travel, you are part of a movement that strives for a greener and healthier planet.

Positive impact op het milieu. Boek u reis en wij planten 2 bomen via Trees for All.

2 trees per travel booking

With every travel booking we donate 2 trees via Trees for All.

With this, we plant 1 tree in the Netherlands and 1 tree abroad for every trip we sell. A voluntary contribution from Holmstock Travel that costs you nothing as a traveler.

Holmstock Travel is a member of the VvKR, which in turn plants at least 130 trees every year with resources derived from, among other things, our contributions. We would like to take this action as a good example and inspiration for our own contribution.

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Attention to a better environment

Our mission and vision

A green future

Bee Holmstock Travel we understand that traveling can have an impact on the environment. That's why we've made it our mission to provide sustainable travel options that enrich not only our customers, but the world we live in. By working with Trees for All , we can make a tangible contribution to the conservation and expansion of forests worldwide. Our goal is to find a balance between enjoying the beauty of the world and preserving it for future generations.

Working Together for Success

We work closely with Trees for All, a recognized non-profit organization committed to planting trees and restoring forests worldwide. This collaboration enables us to contribute directly to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the promotion of biodiversity. Every tree we plant is a step towards a more sustainable future.

Two Trees per Journey

For every trip you book with Holmstock Travel, we plant two trees. One tree is planted in the Netherlands, where the restoration of our forests is crucial for the preservation of local ecosystems. The other tree is planted in one of Trees for All's many projects abroad, such as in Indonesia, Tanzania, Bolivia, and more. These international projects support not only the environment, but also local communities by providing employment and training in sustainable land use.

Transparency and reliability

We ensure that every donated tree is actually planted. Trees for All works with certified partners and draws up contracts with clear agreements about the planting and maintenance of the trees. The progress of the projects is closely monitored through reports and field visits, so that you can be sure that your contribution makes a difference.

CO2 Reduction - Impact on Climate and Biodiversity

Trees play an essential role in combating climate change by absorbing and storing CO2 from the atmosphere. By planting two trees per trip, we help offset the carbon footprint of your trip and contribute to global efforts to slow global warming.

Restoration of Dutch forests

Planting trees in the Netherlands contributes to the recovery of our local forests, which are important for maintaining biodiversity and the quality of our living environment. These forests provide a habitat for numerous plant and animal species and contribute to improving air quality and regulating water management.

Supporting local communities

Our international projects have a broader impact than just environmental benefits. They also provide economic benefits to local people by providing employment and training in sustainable agricultural and forest management practices. This helps communities become more resilient and build sustainable livelihoods.

Sustainable Travel with Holmstock Travel

We at Holmstock Travel follow the 'Sustainable Travel Compass' as prescribed by the Association of Small-scale Travel Organizations (VvKR). This compass helps us develop and offer trips that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. We strive to plan our trips so that they have minimal impact on the environment while contributing to local economies.

Responsible travel options

Our travel options have been carefully curated to promote sustainable choices. This means we work with accommodations that adopt environmentally friendly practices, use local guides and suppliers, and ensure that our activities respect and protect nature and culture.

Awareness and education

We believe that conscious travelers can be a force for positive change. That's why we provide our customers with information about sustainable travel practices and the impact of their choices. By traveling consciously, we can make a difference together and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Your benefit as a customer .. and contributing to a green future

As a customer of Holmstock Travel, you directly contribute to the planting of trees and the restoration of forests worldwide. This means that your trip is not only a personal enrichment, but also has a positive impact on the environment. You help create a greener and healthier planet for future generations.

A unique travel experience

Our sustainable travel options offer unique experiences that go beyond traditional tourism. You will have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of our planet in a way that protects and preserves it. This creates deeper, more meaningful travel experiences that will stay with you for a long time.

A conscious choice

By choosing Holmstock Travel, you choose a travel company that is committed to sustainability and responsible tourism practices. You can travel with peace of mind knowing that you are making a positive contribution to the environment and the communities you visit.

Working together for a better world

We invite you to be part of our mission to make the world greener and healthier. Book your next trip with Holmstock Travel and contribute to planting trees and restoring forests worldwide. Together we can make a difference and have a positive impact on the climate and biodiversity.

Our future goals

At Holmstock Travel we continue to strive to improve and expand our sustainable initiatives. We continue to work with Trees for All and other partners to increase our positive impact and support new environmentally conscious projects that contribute to a better future for our planet.

Your support is essential

Your choice to travel with Holmstock Travel makes a difference. Every trip you book with us helps us achieve our mission and contribute to a greener and more sustainable world. We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you to create a better future.

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