The standards and values ​​of Holmstock Travel
& its local partners.

Natural and cultural values,
they are important factors for us and for our partners.

• We inform visitors about the site's values ​​and their protection and
encourage visitors to act responsibly.
• We develop services and manage the use of the sites, taking this into account
with the demand and the terrain characteristics.
• We mainly use existing routes and service structures.
• Local natural and cultural values ​​are also taken into account during construction.
• We ensure that tourism does not detract from natural or cultural values
and we proactively prevent harmful effects.

  • Wereldwijd de schoonste lucht vindt je in Finland. Beleef de bossen en meeren in Finland.
  • Kainuun Finland Hossa Nationaalpark beren berensafari. Boek je autorondreis, groepsreis of fly-drive bij reisbureau Holmstock Travel en ga mee naar Finland beren kijken en fotograferen.

Minimize the
burden on the environment.

• We promote options to travel by public transport / with a
low emissions to travel to the destination.
• We work with energy and material efficiency.
• We set a good example in the environmental field.
• We enable visitors to act environmentally friendly and
encourage people to act in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Northern Lights travel Finland:

    A bucket-list item for many: Seeing the Northern Lights - the Aurora Borealis. The best chances of seeing the Northern Lights can be found among others. in Northern Finland / Finnish Lappland.

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  • Baltic States in all Luxury:

    Let us surprise you with the trip we have put together for you. You like luxury and classic locations? A Holmstock Premium trip to enjoy.

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  • Åland - Tour

    A pearl of a trip, put together by Team Holmstock and a place where we would love to go because we can enjoy it so much.

    Come along. to Åland 

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