Öresund Bridge prices 2024

How much does a crossing via the Öresund Bridge cost?

See here the price overview that is valid from July 1, 2024. If you wish to view the prices that apply to the Öresund Bridge in the period before July 1, you can use the link to the official website of the Öresund Bridge, below on this page.

  • passenger car (max. 6 meters) - SEK 785
  • passenger car (max. 6 meters) + trailer (max. 15 meters) - SEK 1570
  • passenger car with trailer longer than 15 meters - SEK 2480
  • camper (6-10 meters) - SEK 1570
  • camper longer than 10 meters - SEK 2480
  • minibus (6-10 meters) - SEK 1570
  • motorcycle - SEK 405
  • truck (6-9 meters) - SEK 1570
  • truck longer than 9 meters - SEK 2480

Toll, price, ticket

In the year 2000, the first year of use, of the Øresund Bridge, 235 Danish Krone (DKK) converted into Swedish Krona (SEK) would have cost approximately 293.75 SEK, based on the then exchange rate of approximately 1 DKK = 1.25 SEK.

Driving on the Öresund Bridge

On the way to Sweden

We have been to Sweden a lot by car and we have driven the Öresund Bridge many times. Both from Denmark to Sweden and back, from Sweden to Denmark. An excellent connection that feels safe.

Öresund Bridge prices 2024

History of the Öresund Bridge

The Øresund Bridge is an impressive combination of bridge and tunnel that connects the Danish capital Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmö . Here is an overview of the most important aspects of the Øresunds Bridge. Length and Components.

  • Length : The total length of the connection is approximately 16 kilometers, of which the Öresund Bridge itself covers 7.8 kilometers.
  • Component, the bridge : The main bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with a clear span of 490 meters.
  • Component, the artificial island : The island of Peberholm is constructed between the bridge and the tunnel. Peberholm is now a nature reserve where various plant and animal species thrive.
  • Component, the tunnel : The Drogden Tunnel, a tunnel of approximately 4 kilometers in length, connects Peberholm with the Danish mainland.
  • Traffic and Use

    • Traffic : The Øresunds Bridge is used by both road and rail traffic. There are four lanes for cars and two tracks for trains.
    • Tolls : The bridge is a toll bridge, and revenues are used to recoup construction and maintenance costs.
    • Travel time : The bridge has significantly reduced the travel time between Copenhagen and Malmö. By car the journey takes about 10-15 minutes, and the train ride takes about 35 minutes.
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    Construction and Costs

    • Construction period : Construction started in 1995 and the connection was officially opened on July 1, 2000.
    • Costs : The total cost of the project was approximately 30 billion Danish kroner (approximately 4 billion euros).
  • Meaning and Impact

    • Economic Impact : The bridge has contributed to the economic integration of the Øresund region, making it easier to commute and trade between Denmark and Sweden.
    • Cultural Impact : The bridge is a symbol of cooperation between the two countries and has also promoted cultural exchanges and tourism.

Öresundburg from the ferry

Sailing under the Öresund Bridge

Seen from the Öresund Bridge, ships are very small. This effect is even stronger at the Store Belt bridge. We took this photo from the Travemünde-Malmö ferry. Beautiful during the day but also impressive to see in the dark.

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  • Store Belt bridge

    If you travel to Sweden by car, you will not only use the Öresund Bridge . If you drive the Hamburg - Flensburg - Kolding - Copenhagen - Malmö route via Northern Germany, you will also pass the Store Belt bridge . A real monster of a bridge. High and long. This distance is 472 KM. You should therefore take into account more hours in the car, fuel costs and extra tolls on the Store Belt. You should also take an overnight stay into account somewhere.

  • Fredrikshavn

    A completely alternative to the Öresund Bridge is to drive from Germany to Fredrikshavn, Denmark. Your route will then be Hamburg - Flensburg - Kolding - Aalberg - Fredrikshavn. In Fredrikshavn you can take the ferry to Gothenburg and enter Sweden there. Remember that you will not arrive in Skåne. A great starting point for your onward journey to Norway, Dalarna or Lapland. You can also drive the kilometers to Gothenburg from Malmö, those roads are parallel. The difference is mainly in the costs of the ferry compared to the costs of the Öresund Bridge.

  • Öresund Bridge and the ferry

    As an alternative to the Store Belt bridge, you can choose the ferry between Puttgarden Germany and Rødby Denmark. In this case too, you must add the costs of this ferry to the costs you incur on the Öresund Bridge. From Hamburg to Malmö the distance by road is 375 KM. Our experience is that the ferry here is often pricey. A very nice and not too long crossing, but at the end of the day, after driving the kilometers, an overnight stay is also on the to do list. The entire area, between Germany and southern Sweden, is known for its often windy conditions and the Fehmarnsundbrücke can also be closed spontaneously.

  • Ferries between Germany and Sweden

    No less spectacular are the ferry connections between Germany and Sweden. There are various ports that offer departures from Germany. You can also choose from various shipping companies and various ships. One of the advantages of the ferry connections is overnight sailing. While you sleep you are in motion. Ferry tickets are often not very cheap, but if you book in time you may be able to get a fairly affordable ticket for the crossing. You will often see that we can help you with this with our travel packages and we often advise you to make use of this.