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Welcome to HOLMSTOCK CONNECT. Let us help you to connect your businesses in Sweden, Finland and Åland to The Netherlands and to Germany .. And vice-versa.

Business Region Iisalmi

Connect to the heart of Finland: Business Region Iisalmi is very attractive. Iisalmi is one of our partner regions. Contact us if you want to find out more about business opportunities in Iisalmi. We open doors and make things happen.

With us you can connect with Iisalmi as a region for business or tourism in general and directly with Iisalmi companies.

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Holmstock B.V. - here to help

Our business experience dates back to 1992. Working as an entrepeneur ever since, connecting in international business, offline and online marketing as well as offline and online sales.
30 years of experience makes us understand the issues you are dealing with.

We can help you to cross borders, to connect to new opportunities or to improve on the things you are dealing with.